View Full Version : Models block los, or no?

11-04-2008, 21:17
I've heard rumors both ways on this - one way saying that models just block line of sight, allowing you to, say, screen a unit of genestealers with a unit of termagants. The other rumor I've heard is that actual line of sight is used, meaning that termagants could not block line of sight to the taller genestealer models unless the genestealers were converted to be shorter then normal, and even then you could probably draw los between the termagants legs to the unit behind.

On a practical level, if literal line of sight is used wouldn't you always be able to draw at least one line between legs, or elbows, or over a shoulder to a head behind, such that no unit would ever block line of sight to another at all?

So will screening exist in 5e, or nor?

11-04-2008, 21:20
As I understand it, the rumour is that full screening has been dropped for 5th ed, but a screened unit will get a cover save.