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Mad Doc Grotsnik
12-04-2008, 11:38
I think I've gone a bit bonkers you know.

Sitting at work, bored out my tiny mind yesterday, trying to speed up time through sheer will, and this little idea dropped into my head.

Essentially, it's your typical Beardfest combined with Tournaments merged and spliced together into a beast utterly devoid of Gentlemanly conduct, yet it bound to be a lot of fun, and thus, most gentlemanly.... One might venture so far as to say that I may have just discovered the Yin and Yang of gaming.

Right, it's a 2,000 point, non-knock out gaming competition. Each player (or side if you want multiples) has to wrap it's 6 turns as fast as possible, racking up the highest number of Victory points as well using what they consider the beardiest, cheesiest, WAACiest list they can come up with.

At the end of the three games (all drawn at random, to prevent complaining) the overall game times are boiled down to an average, and the player with the lowest time average wins.

To keep things ultra-competitive, there could extra special prizes for annihilating your foe in under the 6 turn limit....

I envisage the prize trophy being some bizarre conversion of a Dwarf Longbeard in a Warhammerised F1 car...Speedy Beardy like.

What do you guys think? Geniarse, or just ****?

12-04-2008, 15:36
Well, the smallest armies would win, surely?

Like just move your units and end your turn, there would be little incentive to kill your opponents really. Perhaps if after a normal tournament you gave a bonus prize to the gamer who finished their games the fastest this could work, but i dont think so at the moment...

Mad Doc Grotsnik
12-04-2008, 15:42
Then Victory Points will also be counted, as this should prevent people edge sitting and force some fast and furious game play...

Thinking about it further, all you need do is split it down into various different awards....

1. Lowest average time to achieve victory.
2. Best VP:minute ratio
3. Fastest victory

And so on... Just lots of titles to ensure everyone goes balls out for speed.

12-04-2008, 16:14
Sounds like the first foundation of a really good idea. From the smallest acorns. . . .

12-04-2008, 16:15
How about fastest toilet trip during a game?

12-04-2008, 21:14
-"Your trousers are still down..."
-"Its the WAAC-y races, of course they are..."

No, back to your corner, mudcow!