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12-04-2008, 22:13
hey guys this is the skaven list im planing on doing but i have 200points left what should i add to the list? also what do you think about the list and will it work and what would you change and why?

grey seer- warp scroll, eye of the horned rat, dispell scroll [325]
[this guys goes in the stormvermin]

chieftain- battle standard, banner of the swarm, great weapon, heavy armour [98]
[this guys helps out the stormvermin alwell]

plague priest- censer, bands of power [111]
[in with the plague monks helps out in comabat]

warlock engineer- all upgrades but not pistol, storm daemon, warpstone token [105]
[sits in a clanrat unit and helps with magic]

25 clanrats- full com spears [175]

25 clanrats- full com spears [175]

20 stormvermin- shields, full com, warbanner [230]

20slaves- musician [44]

5 poisoned wind globadiers [50]

20 plague monks- add hand weapons, banner of burnning hatred [210]

5 censer bearers [85]

c+c are wanted


13-04-2008, 02:11
Looks pretty good, nice and balanced. I dunno, but it seems you have a lot more offensive elements from the book, thus I think a Warlord woud be a better choice, but to each his own.

13-04-2008, 06:49
Your list looks good but can you use a great weapon on a Battle Standerd Bearer? I just scaned the book and didn't see anything saying you cant have a 2h weapon. Just that you cant have a extra.

13-04-2008, 11:04
hey guys thanks for the replys, but i still have 200points left and not sure what to take.

violadudester- what would you suggest makeing the list not as offensive to help with the grey seer?

anukex- i couldnt see any where saying you couldnt and as unit with great weapons can have standard i think it wouldnt be stupid if a battle standard couldnt.


13-04-2008, 15:02
I'll say gutter runners are always good idea with tunneling. great at taking out the artilary My list is pretty much simmilar with yours except for the plague monks... (have 2 warlocks... )

13-04-2008, 18:47
the storm vermin are too small, i know they pricey points wise and money wise but there is no reason to ever take a 20 man skaven unit, you lose 1 model you lose rank bonus, you lose 1 model you lose 1 pt of ld, you wont outnumber, and your only tool to win combats is gone.

spears dont work on clanrats they never kill anything

Make the storm vermin and the monks bigger.
GIve the bsb the warbanner instead
drop spears
add another slave unit and make both 25 strong
up the plague censers too 7-9men
add tunnel teams with posioned hand weapons
split the wind globes into 2 units, so they dont cause panic if they die and or flee.
I like running 30 man clanrat blocks, (29 with a character) very hard to panic and r wipe your rank bonus out.

13-04-2008, 21:11
i disagree with fubukii, spears are useful, even slaves can kill things in combat. I mix up my units though. Use hand weapon/shields as blockers and flank with spears. Works a treat. The rule of 20 men is true however, you will take shooting casualties from most armies and so will need some bodies to withhold ur attack before you get there. Otherwise you're going to have loads of troops fleeing, the rest being reduced rank/leadership. Tunneling teams are good for taking out vulnerable targets like war machines and sometimes archers.

14-04-2008, 09:58
Read this through before reacting.


Like finding that extra $100 in your jacket when you go to the pub, this simple mistake has some rather positive upsides.;)

Your points total is 1609

That means 391 more points of skaven goodness.

First of all, some simple cleaning.

The Warp scroll
Not worth it. you get a S3 hit on every one in a unit. Once on power level 5. for the total of 30 points.
Then there is plague, that is always a 13 or above to dispell, causes a T test that ignores armour saves, then jumps, 6 per game. Free.

Right, Stuff to mod alittle.
Add alest 5 more models to every unit in the army.
Drop banner of the swarm for the Sacred banner of the Horned rat. Fear is good. teleporting Fear is better. (you can Skitterleap you BTB into the back rank of units in combat, as this is 1 inch away form enemy models. This can be fun if done well)

Stormvermin are a defense unit, not an offence unit. This was not always the case, but the latest army book did some major changes to how this unit works.
They will not get as well as you will hope. use them to hide the grey seer in. they hold him well.

clan rat spearmen rock if used well.
Seven wide, death frenzy. 3 attacks each. 42 attacks, plus champ.
Sold yet. teleport banner to help out and they will destroy.

Might suggest a warpstone amultet for you plague priest, this makes him last a long time.

I like warplighting cannons. They have there uses.

I am a big fan of the bell, just so much magic, and the affects are quite cool.

redo you list to see what it costs you, then start playing around with upgrades

14-04-2008, 10:14
ha sorry yes i can i just forgot to add the 2 ratlin guns and warp firethrower

14-04-2008, 10:19
yea that would about do it.

14-04-2008, 17:39
i will agree that double frenzied spearmen are decent, that means you hoping you get death frenzy, and then your not casting plague and or warped lightning. Another hude downside is that skaven spearmen only get a 5+ save in combat meaning they alot more often

15-04-2008, 02:10
what do you all think about adding a rat ogre or two? the fear might help in combat plus if you have two groups of one your enemy has to pick what to shoot at. if its the ogre ohh well at least it wasnt one of my blocks.

15-04-2008, 16:07
I'm keen on rat ogres. Although they are pricey and quite a few players would choose clanrats/slaves over them, they are one the few things skaven have to bring down bigger models. Also they're quick so they can use flank charges more effectively

15-04-2008, 16:09
i couldnt see any where saying you couldnt and as unit with great weapons can have standard i think it wouldnt be stupid if a battle standard couldnt.

BSBs can't use additional weapons, it says specifically

16-04-2008, 03:02
Ya every once in a while the ogres come in handy. Just took down a giant the other day YAY!

16-04-2008, 03:23
id suggest dogs of war ogres over rat ogres, rat ogres are probably the worst unit in the book. Go for ironguts instead better in every possible way

16-04-2008, 22:57
ok, I will give them a try this weekend. Trying a non magic/shooty army for fun vs my buddys Orcs and Gobbos. haha funny thing is he thinks im doing a grayseer/bell army... muhuhahaha

24-04-2008, 16:02
id suggest dogs of war ogres over rat ogres, rat ogres are probably the worst unit in the book. Go for ironguts instead better in every possible way

Good idea, haven't thought much into using DoW, the rules aren't exactly clear on how/when you can use them (or am I missing something? :confused: )