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12-04-2008, 23:57
Having just played against the new VCs for the first time, a couple of queries, which I've checked but am after general opinion on...
1. Vampire magicians... this was the biggest point as my opponent was claiming his unit of blood knights because they were vampires all generated a power and dispel dice, with invocation of nehek and raise dead each..apparently the people at GW had told him this...
I thought this was utter b*llocks to be quite honest mainly because they are BLOOD KNIGHTS focused on combat, combat and more combat! Having checked more closely afterwards, it specifically says that vampire CHARACTERS are level 1 wizards, and blood knights are a unit, not characters. He still wouldn't accept this but it is proof of what I was saying. The same I presume would apply for black coaches and Varghulfs (Varghulves?), for example in WD 339, no mention was made of blood knights or the varghulf casting spells whilst tormenting the poor men of the empire in combat (or beforehand)
2. Do undead actually strike last? I have a feeling zombies always strike last but couldn't find anything in the book, doubt it'd be in the main rulebook.
3. If they do strike last, would this mean they still struck last even when charging in the same way as high elves striking first even if charged?

Hopefully someone can provide me with some insight on these, just for the record though I let him use blood knights as level 1 wizards and zombies as not striking last and still scored a massacre with my empire... the hellblaster helped quite a lot admittedly, it fired twice and didn't get a single misfire, managing to finish off a unit of skeletons (4 left) and the accompanying vampire before taking down the 4 remaining blood knights and wounding the vampire with them (despite a -1+ save which should have only actually a 1+ because my opponent had forgotten that you can't wear armour and magic armour at the same time...) Also, my wizard was still waiting for his oppertunity to charge the combat vampire (with blood knights -kastellan) and challenge the vampire while playfully toying with a certain speculum and waving around a sword of might... ;)

13-04-2008, 00:09
1. Only vampire character's are level 1 mages.
Hit your opponent with something heavy for me please.
2. Nope, that was only last edition.
3. they fight last vs elves, they dont get ASF unless its cats on them.

13-04-2008, 00:21
1. Gdgd.
With pleasure...
2. Ah, shame, that was a fun rule
3. Yeah, but if the zombies charged an empire unit (e.g handgunners) last edition when they struck last, would they have strike first for charging or last for being brain dead muppets?
theunwantedbeing: what's your pic of?

13-04-2008, 01:35
Last edition, they would strike last no matter what, unless Hellish Vigor was cast upon them.

This edition they are normal as anything else; when they charge they strike first (unless, of course, you are fighting anything with ASF rule)

13-04-2008, 11:29
theunwantedbeing: what's your pic of?

Looks like an action-shot of a bidet.


13-04-2008, 12:10
Zombies don't strike last but their initiative is so low I doubt you'll find many other units that it will beat. Quote from the rulebook "All Vampire characters can instinctively manipulate the Undead and so know the Invocation of Nehek spell." it says "Vampire characters" not any model with the vampire special rule. Just thought I would clear that up with official proof rather then "just the word of some guy on a forum" as my friends have over ruled me using those words.

13-04-2008, 14:24
Seriously, I've been wondering what that avatar is for the longest time.


13-04-2008, 17:13
Yeah, I've been wondering about the avatar too... Didn't want to say anything though :)

13-04-2008, 17:16
Action shot of a bidet?
Oh dear god....I do worry about you lot at times.

Look in random musings, you'll find your answer.
There's a big thread about it.

13-04-2008, 20:01
That thread is prolly dead by now though...

14-04-2008, 22:45
oh oh oh oh!! i see (i think, this is guna be embarassing if i'm wrong)
it's an artistic photo of a woman from lips to collarbone with black lipstick, almost whitish-blonde hair and then biting some sort of parchment or map thing which will presumably be explained on the thread about it.
Haha, and having just scrolled up and read your pm, it's underwear not parchment in her mouth but i saw it before anyone else in this forum lol... as coincidentally i got back with my gf today ^_^ but anywayyy, back to the point
So yeah, I was right about the vampires which aren't characters not being wizards but zombies are standard troops just with really low initiative.
Cheers for the quote DarkSpawnie btw

14-04-2008, 22:51
In all seriousness, I'm a little concerned that males of the species were not able to deduce they were looking at a woman's mouth.... :eek:

15-04-2008, 14:32
We discussed this on MSN Doaky :P

We both know that the guys at Carlisle GW are seriously lacking in the rule knowledge department.

And I thought that pic was of a random bit of plastic with a crumbled bit of paper in the middle :S

Lord Dan
15-04-2008, 15:33
You'll note on page 35 they make seperate mention of "Vampire Characters" and "Vampire Units", so there really shouldn't be any issue. If he insists on cheating you, find a VC player who can win with the real rules.

Maybe theunwantedbeing's avatar is like some kind of grand philosophical solution. It is whatever we individually make it to be. Some see cheese, some see women's lips, others see explosions. Who's to say any one of us is wrong? :p

15-04-2008, 15:53
It's totally Limberger.

17-04-2008, 22:06
We discussed this on MSN Doaky :P

We both know that the guys at Carlisle GW are seriously lacking in the rule knowledge department.

And I thought that pic was of a random bit of plastic with a crumbled bit of paper in the middle :S

Yeah I know but that was after I posted this
Yeah but just occasionally they catch me off guard by being right about something lol..
Haha fair enough.