View Full Version : 2250 Tournament list (need comp advice and list help)

13-04-2008, 00:33
The hillbilly is one of the big tournaments we have here in the southeast USA. I'm taking the Orcs and Goblins. While I certainly don't mind losing every game, I would like to scare some people into thinking they could lose to the orcs. :p The army was designed to be redundant (multiples of units that have to do a job) and each unit has some hitting power, as opposed to taking one monster unit. It's won several games, but it had some different units. I used to take a BIG unit of savage boars and another chariot, but I got some black orcs to give it a unit that didn't depend on the general to do well. I also got another doom diver. I'm not sure if you can make the orcs and goblins really cheesy, but does the extra doom diver put it over the top, fromage-wise? What about skirting my special choices by taking characters in chariots? Anything you would change to make the list better?



Black Orc Warboss w/ Martog's Best Basha, Best Boss 'At, shield, boar, heavy armour: 233 points (goes in orc boyz unit)

Black Orc Bigboss w/ Battle Standard, heavy armour, boar, Mork's Spirit Totem: 180 points (goes in other orc boyz unit)

Goblin Shaman w/ dispel scroll, mounted on wolf chariot: 140 points

Orc Bigboss w/ light armor, shield, sword of might, mounted in boar chariot: 164 points


5 Wolf Riders w/ musician, spears: 71 points

5 Wolf Riders w/ musician, spears: 71 points

5 Spider Riders w/ musician, spears: 71 points

25 Orc Boyz w/ shields, full command: 180 points

25 Orc Boyz w/ shields, full command: 180 points

20 Night Goblins w/ musician, 2 fanatics: 114 points


Boar Chariot: 80 points

2 Spear Chukkas: 70 points

20 Black Orcs w/ standard, musician: 298 points

9 Savage Orc Boarboyz w/ standard, musician, spears, shields: 246 points


Goblin Doom Diver: 80 points

Goblin Doom Diver: 80 points

Basically, I play hammer and anvil every game. The slow units set up near the middle of the table around the general's leadership radius, while the fast stuff goes on whatever flank I'm trying to hit. The shaman in cha oriot and savage boars usually swing around wide to avoid frenzy charges until the boyz get locked in. My deployment so far has kind of looked like this:

Left to right: Wolf riders, night goblins, orc hero in chariot, black orcs, orcs with general, orcs with BSB, boar chariot, goblin chariot, spider riders, wolf riders, savage Boarboyz.

The war machines perch on hills or sit between units. and throw pot shots at knights and treemen.