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13-04-2008, 01:14
Hi all.
I was just wondering what the great RP does at GW towers now.
I belive the last game he officialy worked on was BOFA.
Is he activly involved with 'his games' , WH and 40K?

Can anyone shed light on what he does now,(apart from giving JJ tea and butties,) and what his title is, apart from 'The Great Creator Of WH/40k.':D


13-04-2008, 22:35
RP is still invovled in the creative side of the GW business and has a massive input into the studio but is also now more invovled in the business side too along with Alan Merrett

15-04-2008, 09:36
I think his official title is 'Head of Creative Development'.

15-04-2008, 16:07
I expect Priestly has a much deeper hand in design and rules concepts than most players know about, yet the Studio Designers get to take the heat for doing what they are told to do...

15-04-2008, 16:09
Maybe he works on the less known about GW rulessets, like WHAB.

15-04-2008, 16:20
I like the way he is writing for WD again (even if it was a Standard Bearer) and that he is being interviewed again. White Dwarf had become too corporate and faceless for my tastes but the current issue (440) had mention of Priestley, Merrett, the Perrys and Aly Morrison (even if in his picture he looked a little scary!) These guys are creative legends and its great to see their like back in the magazine and on the website. The greatest ever miniatures thing Rick did on the Web was the most interesting thing GW have had on their site in ages. It had me checking back each day to check for updates.

15-04-2008, 16:45
Rick was in charge of the MO and Bits review as well - although I think he was on a hiding to nothing there as the bean counters probably gave him the budget first :(

I believe he is also writing some rules for Paul Sawyer and Jon Stallards new venture, warlord games.

Mmmmmmmmm plastic romans. So right and yet so wrong.