View Full Version : Where should mages go?

13-04-2008, 01:49
I'm talking about something like a High Elf Archmage, not just a scroll caddy... What units do you place your mages with? How do you decide?

Should mages be placed in the most survivable unit (e.g. High Elf Phoenix Guard, with 4+ ward saves)?

Or should they be placed somewhere a bit out of the way (e.g. a unit of Spear-elves guarding the bolt-throwers), and let the heavier units enter combat without having to worry about protecting 350 pts worth of fragile characters?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
13-04-2008, 02:28
I think that it depends on who you are playing. Give the mage folariaths robes too. Makes him pretty much invincisble:) If you are playing a slow army that will run at you you can place him in archers.... If you wanted his bodyguard unit to perform well in combat give him the robes and put him in white lions. They wont run so your opponent wont get victory points from running him down. Fluffwise they are cool with swordmasters. I love the models but dont find them as versatile as pg of wl so i seldomly use them.. I think that they would ge a good bodyguard.. They will never lose a combat so they wont run;) Very little survivability with them though. they are also arrow magnets and have little to resist the arrows with.
Good luck:)

13-04-2008, 02:42
Well one use for the Mage in the SM unit is hopefully casting some shooting defense; either Shield of Saphery or Howling Wind (High or Life) and so on. I wouldn't mind having a L2 Mage in a Spearelf unit guarding some Elite units nearby with Howling Wind. Or even in the SM unit itself.

I guess the question is, what are you going to do with that Mage? Is he there to support or to burn things to the ground?

13-04-2008, 02:57
I don't play that magic-heavy, so I normally don't go above two level 2's, or three priests for my Tomb Kings. I tend to either place the mages out of the way with some archers, or let them run around on their own. If the opponent doesn't have any magical effects or whatnot allowing him to hurt all the units on the table regardless of line of sight (I recently had a very painful Wind of Undeath experience), they're pretty damn hard to get if you play it smart. Hide out in woods, just barely getting within 2" of the edge when you need a spell cast, be selective about line of sight, and they do quite all right for themselves.

A level 4, however, I would probably be a little more careful with. I'd avoid combat units though. Maybe a skirmisher unit?