View Full Version : Star dragon and what company?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
13-04-2008, 02:33
I want to torture my friend with a star dragon but I am having a hard time deciding what to field him with. Mainly characterwise..
I would like to have him with dragon princes, pg, wl, spearmen, and for the other core archers..
In terms of accompanying characters i am at a loss... Having no magic wouldnt be bad against my friend if he plays his brets, or my dwarfs. I want to play both with a star dragon. Korhil and maybe a generic bsb would make my line immoveable. The dragon and dragon princes can kill everything.. What are other peoples thoughts on how to field a prince on star dragon?:D

13-04-2008, 08:34
Take another dragon too it will be fun.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
13-04-2008, 19:21
I only have one model. I also want the list to be somewhat "realistic" as in i want something of an army to accompany him:)

14-04-2008, 00:03
This is how I run my army, it works pretty good

596- Prince w/ Star Dragon, Vambraces of Defense, Armor of Caledor, Halberd

255- 7 Dragon Princes w/ Banner of Ellyrion, Musician

215- 20 Spearmen w/ War Banner, Full Command

195- 20 Spearmen w/ Full Command

50- Great Eagle

230- 2x 5 Silver Helms w/ Shields

228- 14 Swordmasters w/ Banner, Musician

228- 14 White Lions w/ Musician, Champion

I find not having magic is not a really huge problem unless you run into a lot of shooty magic, because this army is kind of vulnerable to shooting in general. But if it's mostly maneuverability or buffness magic, you're fine. And a lot of armies don't even bother to take magic, so it's fine anyway.

The army might do well to have a scroll caddie, though.

Brother Drakist
14-04-2008, 15:55
Talisman of Light might be a good addition to your Prince, so that both the Prince and dragon will have the magical attacks. It's cheap too, and you never know when your buddy might whip out the Green Knight.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
15-04-2008, 03:45
Good call on the green knight:) I have silver helms but choose to use them only in an all mounted army or when i have to use all painted models. They are not worth use in the game imo. The only problem is that all the other units will be pansies; they wont be able to take a hit from knights. With wl pg and korhil and a bsb they wont move. That plus a star dragon means zilch for magic def. If I was playing brets that would be alright.

15-04-2008, 04:08
The Green Knight will always lose if you do my little "Ghostbane" tactic.
Noble armed with amulet of light, armour of caledor, great weapon in swordmasters unit of 18. They will have about 11 str 5 ws 6 attacks and 3 Ws 6 str 6 attacks on the green knight and any ethereal critters out there.