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13-04-2008, 05:27
I am a pretty new player, and am trying to get down some basic stuff before creating a 2k army list. My main opponents are a super-skilled Ogre player, an incompetent VC player with lots of ghouls, and a Wood ELf guy. Here are my questions:

--I will have Queen Khalida, but how many Liche Priests? I keep choosing 2, but then I get paranoid about not having enough spells for all my stuff and choose 3 before cutting to 2 to save points.......
--How many archers? I can make up to 100. Obviously overkill but by how much? They will be backed up by a Casket and a SS catapult if that helps.
--I will put Queen Khalida in a unit of Tomb Guard and use them to countercharge and dominate those going after my archers. This plan makes sense right?
--Do I need more units to help countercharge? Like, a block of 20 skeletons on the other side of my bowline?

13-04-2008, 06:10
well, I'm not a TK player but something tells me that yes, you will want a little more in the way of counter charging units and suchlike.

against the ogres your likely to find gorgers popping up on your flanks and chewing through a lot of your units, the VC you say is incompetent but I'd still be wary of things like the varghulf, black knights, and of course the blood knights, and the black coach (assuming he actually has any of these to go with his ghouls :p) basically anything that moves fast and has high toughness/AS is going to be a big problem especially with the VC since he'll do his best to dance his units as far forward as possible every turn if he has even a glimmer of intelligence. Wood elves can be just plain vicious and speedy

The concern from all of the above is that the unit of tomb guard wont be able to move far enough to counter every single element popping up, especially if you find yourself facing fast units coming up both flanks. Not being a TK player it's a little hard to recommend much, mostly id say something cheap and able to tarpit on either flank to at least hold such threats at bay, or if theres room in the list tomb scorpions Ive heard good things about (though I dont have the book no clue if its always buried to start so apologies if that ones useless) or possibly a few speedy units of your own like chariots might be handy for getting to a threat asap and the tomb guard can follow up afterwards or whatever works for them.

I could be dead wrong about a lot of that, but that's just what comes to my mind, hopefully some more experienced players will be able to go into more detail, hope I helped a little bit anyway :P

edit: forgot the fact that character makes arrows poisoned, doesn't change too much though just toughness isn't as big an issue, varghulf still has regeneration saves though so hell still be a pain

13-04-2008, 08:47
Look in one of the watchmen webzines... There's an article on a TK army for all phases. As with any army, unless you already know exactly what you want from the beginning, start off as well rounded as you can and build it to compensate for any weakness you may have and max out it's strengths. I'd play some smaller games first, especially to get an idea on some magic items and hero configurations.

All TK armies need chariots (IMO) and a TK in that unit, they're great for counters and flank rushes. Tomb spiders are good fro almost everything as well I think, especially warmachine counter and character hunters. Instead of just taking as many bowmen as possible, take some normal regiments, large units of skeletons are hard to beat as your enemy have to kill each one to continue.

Thats just my opinion, go for what you like and play well with.

Good luck buddy,


14-04-2008, 00:07
Use at least one tomb scorp and a unit of those flyers. I'd max out your magic. I wouldn't use a casket, I'd just use a second screaming skull. Use like 4 to 6 units of archers with 10 or 12 guys. That should be plenty. From there, I'd put the queen in a unit of 20 Skelies with the banner that resummons their guys when they die. Then just spend the rest of your points on chariots. That's what I'd do.

14-04-2008, 04:10
Thought about this a bit myself.

Khalida + 2 Liche Priests.

24 Archers x2 and maybe another unit but 2 Swarms for attacking artillery could serve better.

19 Tomb Guard/Icon of Rakaph or the Icon of the Undying Legion. I don't remember if Khalida counts as a Tomb King general although I doubt it so no icon on the skellies.

3 Scorpions. They don't deploy in reserve unless you really think it will pay off.

2 Catapults.

Hammer the enemy until they only have rank bonus' of +1 and that should put your skeletons up +3 before combat begins if you reform a few turns before combat.

Once the skeletons are engaged Scorpions charge into the flanks. Khalida ties up any heavy hitters. Icon of the Undying Legion might be better on second thoughts. Her unit is great vs High Toughness(Her poison) or High Save(She can smite the Tomb Guard with no chance to dispel, you have to KB sometimes)

Warning Now: Unless your catapults do well Knight blitz armies will hurt you.