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Gabacho Mk.II
13-04-2008, 11:14
Right, am going to start gaming in a (1,999pts per side) campaign starting next Sunday vs 11 or so opponents who will be running a number of various armies.

Since I want to run a balanced list, this is what I plan to take so far: [needless to say, list is not finished yet]

1 Prince (general)
1 2nd level mage (items?)

25 spearmen with full command
25 spearmen with full command
20 spearmen with full command

10 Silver Helms with full command
1 Tiranoc chariot
1 Lion chariot
15 White Lions with champion and musician
15 Swordmasters with champion and musician

1 Bolt Thrower
1 Eagle


13-04-2008, 20:34
1999 points:eyebrows:

Alright, you all just don't want lord selections?

Anyway, you should only take one block of spearmen, even if running a balanced list, because your special selections are just better, and I'd run that block 6x4 or 7x4 depending on points. Since you are running at 1999 points, you really have to make your 5 special selections count to get the most out of the army.

I'm really a fan of wide frontage High elf units, as your attacks are of extremely good quality per file. In particular, 7x2 swordmasters is really strong; the same goes for White Lions, though they are an Anvil rather than a hammer. I think the 2 attacks that go first make up for the extra one combat res most of the time. As an alternative, you can go 7x3 with the lion standard and gem of courage and really make that block hard to take out.

5 Dragon Princes beats 10 silver helms any day of the week.

You should either go magic heavy, or get a hero with the thing that makes him a level one wizard and one mage with at least one scroll for magic defense.

If you're going to go magic heavy, take 5x3 of 5x4 phoenix guard with a banner of sorcery

13-04-2008, 21:14
I agree with LiMunPai.

At 2000 pts, there is no reason why you do not have any form of magic defense/offense. Especially with the popularity of VCs, it is rather crucial to have some mages, I prefer 2 lvl 2 mages.

As stated earlier, your specials are just so much better. I would drop all of your spearmens down to 15 troops. Full command on these guys, imo, is not very worth it. At most, I give them standard bearer.

In my personal experience, I have found that 2 RBTs are much more effective than 1. At first glance, that is a rather obvious fact but you'd be surprised how many people don't take 2 RBTs instead. So I would suggest another RBT.

Eagles are awesome, I like to take 2 of them at 2000 pts.

I personally like PGs over WLs. But irregardless of which one you take, I would suggest more of them. I definitely also recommend DPs if you have the money (real money) for them =P

In regards to your Prince, have you thought of possibly fielding a Star Dragon with him? I am personally a very very big fan of dragons, which is why I really like the High Elf army. A great combo I've played with is:

Star Dragon
Dragon Armor, Shield
Vambraces of Defense

This set up gives you 10 Str 7 attacks on the charge. I dont think many things can stand against that. And it'll be easy to get the charge since you charge 20" on a dragon. it also gives you 4+ AS re-rollable and 4+ ward save.

Gabacho Mk.II
14-04-2008, 08:19
Thanks for the replies! :)

I fear that there will be a number of players running MSU format armies (there is a pure Goblin player and a Skaven player as well in the campaign), and thus I wanted to have enough models that I can at least counter and oppose enemy units with. That is why I am aiming at going heavy with core, without the nuisance of 11pt archers.

Also, I am weary with fielding too many 15pt @ model (special units, foot), which can easily be shot or magicked. Which is one of the reasons that I am planning on fielding these units without any command.

The High Elf army that is in my possession does include at least a single unit from each entry in the armylist, with the only exclusion being the Reavers.

There are 25 Swordmasters with FC, 25 Phoenix Guard with FC, 25 White Lions with FC, 12 Dragon Princes with FC, 16 Silver Helms with FC, 6 Shadow Warrrios with champion, 2 Tiranoc Chariots, 2 White Lion Chariots, 2 Bolt Throwers, 2 Eagles, 30 archers, 4 units of 25 spearmen with FC, and 8 characters that are mounted and on foot... and a charcter on a Dragon (the old Imrik model I believe)

Von Wibble
14-04-2008, 18:13
At 1999 you can't take a prince. I would have 2 level 2s and a commander, or 2 commanders and a level 2, including radiant gem.

14-04-2008, 21:02
With lots of MSU, Skaven, and Goblins, I'd see why you want to take all those spearmen. Definitely take them 7x3 though, as you'll get tons of killing power this way, and if you need the ranks, just move to 5x4 + 1. Spearmen are a really cheap way of getting what you need, so your original list was pretty good.

I think an anvil on one flank in the form of white lions is what you need. Having that 7x3 as well gives you a really wide frontage with the 3 spear units. Also, it needs command if it is going to hold up that flank, so give it the full command with the lion standard and gem of courage, this will make a damn near unkillable unit that can hold a flank by itself.

On the other flank, put in the 5 Dragon Princes with command and 2 Tiranoc chariots, though you can use the Lion chariot if you have the points.

I'd recommend the magic defense route with this list. Take a noble with a great weapon and the gem and put him in with the white lions, so you can get 20 lions instead. Take a level two mage with high magic and stick him in with some spearmen. I like beasts on the noble, as the bear's anger just rocks and can be cast on 1 dice, leaving you four for the mage. This leaves you two chances to cast drain magic on two dice, potentially ruining some skaven player's day, or you can go the safe route with 2 dice on the bear's anger and 3 on drain magic. On this mage, take a couple of dispel scrolls and the silver wand, giving you a great chance of getting some useful spells.

On the rares front, I think 2 bolt throwers would be best, followed by 2 eagles, then 1 and 1. Both of these things work better in pairs, since bolt throwers cause more panic checks with 2 and arrow attraction gets much better. The eagles get shot down, so you need some redundancy for them to work in solid battle plans.

After you get all that, if there are any more points, take 7 swordmasters, or 14 with command if the points are there. These will defend the same flank as the cavalry, and will have something to hide behind.

I know I recommended your original list pretty closely, but I think the little tweaks, and a wider battle line will make the list that much more effective.

15-04-2008, 00:22
dont bother with the command on the DP, its not worth 50 points. Use that to get another DP and maybe add the war banner to one of you units, preferably the one with the mage. And definatly go for a BSB noble, with that many static units, he will really shine

15-04-2008, 03:21
I am assuming you are using 2000 pt comp rules with the following.
I would have a unit of sea guard instead on one unit of spear men. Especially in a campaign, you will have to deal with fanatics and other soft targets and the flexibility of the bow is a god send when you need it. A block of 20 is step price but they work well as you learn to use them. They are only 2 more pts then archers with a shield and you get 5+ as and 3 ranks of spears ASF when you are charged not to mention stand and shoot. I agree with every one that said you need some magic defense. But its hard to say what items since campaign can have strange magic weapons rules. But if you can for you general I like a prince for a campaign since they are tough to kill and thus rack up injures, to prevent that I would put him on an elven steed with barding dragon armor (lots of fire out there) and the vambraces of defense this will give a 2+ AS and ward the general that lasts, give him a sword of might to keep it cheap. If you get one use items back at the end of the game I would put 2 dispel scrolls since you are going magic light. With this much infantry you need a BSB. I like to have 2 rbt and 2 eagles but itís not for every one And last but very important the only thing silver helms are good for is if your gaming group doesnít mind you using them as reveres, get DP they are far and away better.

I welcome any commentary on my commentary.:cool: