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14-04-2008, 05:27
Combatants - Shane (Dwarfs) and Joe (Orcs & Goblins)

So we tested some lists for the Ard Boyz today. I'm not entirely certain what was in Shane's and I'll leave out the things that did absolutely nothing for me like my dispel scrolls, etc.... :P


Great Shaman lvl4
BO Big Boss (Battle Standard)
Orc Shaman
NG Shaman
NG Shaman

18 Boyz w/full cmd, 2 weapons, shields
18 Boyz w/full cmd, 2 weapons, shields
30 NG w/full cmd, spears, nets and 2 fanatics
30 NG w/full cmd, spears, nets and 2 fanatics
30 NG w/full cmd, spears, nets and 2 fanatics
3 Snotling bases

18 Black Orcs full cmd, shields
1 Boar chariot
2 Rock lobbas
10 Squig hoppers

1 Giant
1 Doom diver
3 Stone trolls

--DWARFS-- (what I can remember)

King thorgrim
Thorek iron brow and the Anvil of Doom
Thane (Battle Standard Bearer)
(If there were more i never met them in combat.)

10-15 warriors w/shields
10 thunderers
10 thunderers
10 thunderers
10 thunderers

2 cannons
1 grudge thrower
15 minters (I think)
15 iron breakers (again I think)

1 flame cannon
2 organ guns

Shane goes first, the scenario we drew was crazy corners... stupid thing... Two hills on the table both out of range for our weapons if we hadn't ended up with crazy corners... So we both had hills.

Shane puts a unit of thunders, warriors w/battle standard, and an organ gun on his far flank, separated from the rest of his army by a forest. Everything else is in his big corner with the hill that had a cannon and grudge thrower on it.

I got all screwed up in crazy corners and hordes are hard to deploy this way. I put my artillery on the hill with the hoppers behind it to guard against miners. A unit of orcs, the giant and a unit of night goblins on my far flank facing the large chunk of his army. the rest remained in my bulk corner but on the starting line. Snotlings ended up behind some orcs and never got further than that.... totally forced by the deployment zone into a place where they never made it into the field of battle.

--Turn 1--
Shane goes first (unsurprisingly getting a +1 for being deployed first; against O&G go figure...) Moves a few things up a teensy bit and shoots at me. Anvil ends up killing like 4 or 5 orcs, all his artillery misses and guns are out of range.

I start off game by declaring a waagh hoping for good movement rolls... no such luck, a few units moved up but nothing that made a difference. essentially everything moves forward about 8-12 inches. chariot moves around a forest on Shane's far flank to try and do something nasty later in game. A little magic off, nothing to note. Artillery misses everything.

--Turn 2--
Miners decide to come up on the side nearest the giant, my war machines are safe and now my squig hoppers are wasted points as they will never make it across the board and into combat by the end. Shane moves a unit of dwarfs on far flank up some and shoots me to death... Ugh... Does 5 of 6 wounds to the giant with cannon. Anvil kills some more stuff... Organ gun knocks out a troll, and thunderers knock out a 2nd. Artillery is useless this turn beyond wounding giant and he forgets to fire flame cannon.

Got some magic off, killed a few things, nothing of note. My artillery again misses everything this round as in the first. I charge things this round. Giant charges an organ gun crew and somehow fails entirely to do anything, I win combat by 1 point and he holds. A unit of orcs and night gobbo's simultaneously charge the iron breakers with king thorgrim in it. Fanatics go out and kill a few I think. We charge, slag like 5 iron breakers, he kills like 5 of me, but outnumber, flank, etc I win combat, of course he doesn't run. Night goblins charge dwarfs and lose combat making it away, but it didn't matter because his dwarfs pursuit clipped my last troll and ended up in combat with him next round. Forgot to move chariot into flanking position.. ugh... stupid me.

--Turn 3--
Nothing moves significantly, a few reforms of hand gunners but thats it. His shooting ruins my orc unit on my far flank near his big chunk of stuff down to like 3 guys yet somehow not running yet. Artillery kills very little and he forgot to use anvil this round. I laugh! iron breakers kill some more of me as i kill some more of them yet still i win combat by numbers and still he stands. somehow giant still manages not to kill the 2 crewman from that stupid organ gun and again wins by 1 with them not running, also things that took terror tests this turn did not run either. Dwarfs fail to kill the troll and i fail to puke on him so i lost but stood firm as grimgor was standing like 4 or 5 inches away with his big unit of black orcs still not in combat.

Artillery kills I think 1 crewman of a cannon... sad day for artillery. Magic is big this phase though as mork goes on the warpath stomping on like 4 different units. Mostly negligible damage, but does force 1 unit of thunderers to panic and run. I move about, charge with the chariot in to the only thing visible a unit of hand gunners who fail to wound me on the way in yet when i hit them I also fail to wound them, and they put one wound on me in hth. I stand. The one unit of orcs on my far flank that were down to like 3 guys charge at a cannon and the engineer fires on my way in killing 1 so now i have 2 left on the charge. Fanatics kill the organ gun on his far flank. Giant finally wins his combat and kills the crew and destroys cannon. Iron breakers are gone now just the king left, but still standing with his 1+save and 4+ward save. I think I did 1 wound whole game.

As we were priming for ardboyz we stuck to 3 hour time limit and stopped a the end of this round. By scenario Shane wins by 1 battle point because he had a table quarter to his miners alone. I win victory points like 900 to 600 100 of those being the iron breakers banner that I got after destroying the unit. All in all I'd say we both performed well. I think honestly Shane's list was probably the stronger, I just had too many d**n targets for him to shoot. Both of our artillery was horrid earning none of it's points this game. I took way to much anti-magic and need to adjust this for the ard boyz tourney as even though their will be magic heavy lists i feel i took wasted way to many points in it. Also I used my netters but we kept forgetting to apply them when we came around to wounding... this wouldn't have made any real difference in the outcome of the battle, but it is still something I'm going to have to work on remembering to enforce. Animosity didn't hurt me this game. Only being 3 turns I never squabbled once. We both had entirely wasted units though; as we were in combat on turn 2 most of Shane's hand gunners did nothing and my snotlings and squig hoppers never made it to battle nor did Shane's miners. His flame cannon never achieved it's purpose; while it did kill quite a few models the units it hit never panicked which in my opinion is what that thing is all about. Also definitely need to make more concentrated effort at getting black orcs into combat. Literally they never made it and with grimgor in their ranks it was a 676 point unit that did nothing but lose models from shooting.

For those reading this I apologize for all the bad misspellings/grammar/unpunctual report. I started out with intention to write this up well, but then baby woke up and it's 11 o'clock so now he's sleeping on my shoulder while I type with slowly so as not to wake him up. If I manage a 2nd game sometime before the ardboyz I'll write up a better report for it. Maybe even throw in a map or a pic or something fun. LOL! Thanks for reading. ;D

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
14-04-2008, 05:50
Nice report, your Orcs and Goblins list looks a lot similar to mine. Except I used a lot more boyz, Skarsnik and a Lord on a wyvern to fly around and cause trouble. I would say not to use your hoppers as a defensive unit, they'll be bouncing around all over the place and you need to get them in contact with the enemy because they kick so much booty! I'm amazed that none of your boyz squabbled, mine are doing it constantly. Remembers those netters and maybe throw in full 3 fanatics for your Night Goblins. That extra guy might be the one that causes the panic test.

I think it looks pretty good overall, good luck at the tournament and tell us how it goes!

14-04-2008, 07:59
Why throw a Waagh so early? It seems like that would just be putting you closer to short range.

14-04-2008, 12:54
Yeah I'm tweaking the list. Looking at dropping the lvl 2 orc shaman for a boss, putting the great shaman on a wyvern to have a 2nd terror causer and a flying thing of death. Hopefully it'll perform instead of get toasted quickly, lol!

As for the Waagh so early; my opponent is a buddy of mine who usually plays the storm of chaos dwarf slayer list and space marines in 40k so he has a pretty "move forward" approach to the game. I figured if I got close enough he'd declare some charges and keep me from getting shot. I was wrong! LOL! I rolled so crappy on my moves "nothing over like 3 inches" that I didn't get close enough for him to have bothered.

14-04-2008, 17:13
nice rep, get a second giant instead of wyvern :)
Got a flashback when I read the baby-sleeping on shoulder bit, fresh kid then?

14-04-2008, 17:52
You really think I should take a 2nd giant instead of a wyvern? I suppose the giant would probably do more damage, but he costs a little more and then I have to deal with another thing in my deployment line. At least the wyvern could fly over the line and get to where it should be or could do the most; and with 20 inch flying, it could get their quickly; and he causes terror. If I can get some war machine crews to run away from him he's probably done most of his job. :) Of course this could also easily leave him separated from the rest of the army.

And yes the baby is fresh... 2 months.

14-04-2008, 18:59
Don't know if it'll do you any good actually :) The wyvern might be a better choice, I just love giants.
2 months old? well congratulations are in order (obviously a nice child as well seeing as you have time for hobbies). Mine is 17 months so a real terror-causer for anything small, painted or not :)

22-04-2008, 02:37
A good game for you both. As far as your list goes, I'm in favor of the wyvern. Giants die really easy, from shooting, but the faster wyvern can get in to melee and avoid all those guns and stuff. I would drop the snotlings, personally.
Congratulations on the little guy.