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14-04-2008, 07:12
My opponent declares 2 charges. First with his Chariot, then with his Orc Boyz slightly to the side and behind the chariot. o=charged unit, x=impassable terrain, c=chariot, b=orc boyz.



Due to other units in the way, after the Chariot moves into combat, it is now blocking the Boyz completely.

Do the boyz suffer a failed charge? On page 20 under 'Move Chargers' it states that chargers are resolved one at a time in the order they were declared. Then on page 23 under 'Multiple Chargers' it states that when two or more friendly units are charging the same unit, you move them simultaneously, but the diagram does not really pertain to this situation.

We ruled the Boyz failed to charge, but were unsure. (It didn't matter, the Greenskins slaughtered the VC un-mercifully).

14-04-2008, 08:14
If the boyz can't get into the combat because the chariot is blocking the way, then yes, it is a failed charge. However, the chariot doesn't necessarily have to maximise at first.
You are allowed to charge, so the end-result looks like this (assuming you have adequate movement):


This would bring the chariot and all the boyz and all of the opposing unit into battle, therefore complying with the maximization-rules. You are allowed to just bring the chariot corner to corner, if it results in more models being able to get into combat. You still have to maximize.

This is of course in theory as the exact positioning of the units on the table could have something to say.