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14-04-2008, 13:28
So, after a 3-month warhammer hiatus, I ventured into battle once more! Only this time, as an army-list designer and battle counselor; it was my brother who challenged our hobby store's regular bretonnian player in order to try out his shiny new list!

The lists looked like this:

Dwarf Throng - 2250 points

-Dwarf Lord, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, GW, Master Rune of Kragg the Grim, Rune of Snorri Spanglehelm, Master Rune of Challenge
-Thane, BSB, Rune of Strollaz, Rune of Guarding
-Runesmith, GW, Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Spellbreaking

-20 Warriors, GW, Shields, Full command
-14 Longbeard Rangers, full command, Shields, GW, Throwing Axes, Rune of Battle, Rune of Stoicism
-10 Thunderers, shields
-10 Quarellers, shields

-14 Troll Slayers
-13 Hammerers, Full Command, Rune of Determination
-5 Miners
-2 Bolt Throwers, Engineers, 1x Rune of Penetrating, 1x Rune of Seeking

-Flame Cannon
-Bolt Thrower

All in all a versatile list, with lots of combat and maneuvering involved! The bretonnian list was equally fun:

Bretonnian Army - 2250 points

-Bretonnian Lord, Warhorse, Grail Vow, Lance, Sword of Heroes, Enchanted Shield, Gauntlet of the Duel, Virtue of Confidence
-Paladin BSB, Warhorse, Sword of Might, Virtue of Duty
-Paladin, Warhorse, shield, Lance, Falcon Horn of Fredemund
-Damsel of the Lady, Warhorse, 2xDispel Scroll
-Damsel of the Lady, Warhorse,Dispel Scroll

-8 Knights of the Realm, full command
-11 Knights Errant, full command, Errantry Banner
-11 Knights Errant, full command, War Banner
-10 Skirmishing Bowmen

-5 Mounted Yeomen, shields, musician
-5 Mounted Yeomen, shields, musician
-4 Pegasus Knights, champion, musician

-8 Grail Knights, Full Command

A very fast army able to strike swift and hard, it would make for an interesting fight...

-The two lords were beasts in combat: The dwarf king always hits and wounds on 2+, while dwarven heroes should tremble when challenged by the bretonnian Lord (re-rolling to-hit and to-wounds and dealing D3 wounds per wounding attack!)
-The throwing axes of the rangers are S5. We used them in order to test their potential.
-The Errant unit with the War Banner, when joined by the BSB produces a static CR of 8!!!
-With the strollaz rune, dwarves are able to close distance early on, but would it be of help against the all-mounted bretonnian force?

We set up terrain and rolled for sides. The dwarves got the side with the hill (predictably), giving up the opportunity to play first. (In the ETC rules format, whoever chose sides plays second, unless facing bretonnians who elect to pray before the battle).

Spells were rolled for the two damsels, who respectively got master of the woods and rainlord from the lore of life. However, due to the innate magic resilience of the dwarves, magic was totally insignificant during the game.

The Bretonnians pulled a trick on the stunties during deployment, going for a denied flank tactic which left centrally-deployed units out of combat's reach! (slayers and warriors)
When we finished, the field looked like this:

Trying to offset the disadvantage his opponent had put him to, the dwarf general used the strollaz's rune to move all 3 of the centrally located combat units towards the left of the field. The dwarves were actually trying to outmaneuvere the cavalry!

The two opponents shook hands, and then the Bretonnian general announced that he'd play first, without praying! (no ward saves for you, then!) That would be....interesting:


In true bretonnian fashion, all units were moved so that they would be in range for a second-turn charge. The mounted yeomen on the far left acted as screen for the grail knights, while the pegasi hid behind the house. Both damsels quit their units, as their magic protection was of little use against dwarves.



Trying to disrupt the bretonnian advance, the lord's retinue moved within charge range of both the errant units, aiming to lure both of them into combat and tie them down, giving time to both slayers and warriors to charge in support. (The master rune of challenge sure would help!)These units moved in to prepare the trap, while the Gyrocopter flew deep withing bretonnian territory in search for targets for its steam gun. Finally, the rangers shuffled a bit backwards, distancing themselves from the pegasi.

Shooting went really well, starting with an accurate guess from the flame cannon which incinerated 2 errants. The crossbowmen on the hill spotted a lone damsel in distress and proceeded to relieve her from her angst, the dwarven way! The thunderers aimed at the yeomen, killing 2 of them (despite being in short range). Still, the damage had been done, as the errants now had LOS to the Hammerer unit, which meant that the rune of challenge would work! Finally, the 2 bolt throwers accounted for 3 dead knights of the realm. Despite the casualties, the knights pressed forward undeterred.



Time for charges, then! Compelled by the rune of challenge, the BSB's errants charged the dwarf lord, as did the general's unit in order to support their comrades. Both yeomen units charged the single long line of thunderers who stood and shot, killing the already depleted unit. This didn't prevent the other 5 squires from hitting the sharpshooters in the flank! Finally, the pegasi fell an inch short from the bolt thrower, landing right in front of the rangers. (but still not close enough for a charge!) movement was concluded by positioning the grail knights and the knights of the realm in front of the dwarven line, ready for the killing strike.

Shooting saw the archers take a wound off the gyrocopter with a lucky arrow shot.

Combat was swift and messy: The yeomen managed kill a single thunderer, winning the combat by 3, routing their adversaries, pursuing and destroying them in the process. In the main combat the Bretonnian lord issued a challenge, and the runesmith accepted boldly, only to meet his demise, suffering 2 unsaved wounds. The rest of the knights killed 5 hammerers between them, and a young noble foolishly angered the dwarf lord by wounding him once. The Lord retaliated, killing the Paladin Battle Standard Bearer with ease. Still, the combat was lost and the Hammerers made use of their rune of determination in order to remain in combat. In the meantime, the bolt thrower crew was disheartened by the demise of the thunderers and ran for the hills, stopping an inch short of the table edge.



With only one charge available, that of the warriors, the dwarven movement phase progressed rapidly. The gyrocopter approached the peasant bowmen, the slayers moved as fast as they could towards the bretonnian flanks and the rangers approached the pegasi ready to hurl their throwing axes.

Shooting was next, and it began with a misfire from the flame cannon (fortunately enough, it was a mild one) and a bolt thrower failing to hit the flying knights despite needing 2+. The longbeard axes gave a shimmer of hope, as they scored 6 hits...Only one of which wounded! No panic for them, then... The quarellers aimed at the knights of the realm, killing two of them and forcing a panic check. Thankfully for the dwarves, it was failed and the knights fled into impassable terrain and were wiped out!

In hand-to-hand things were looking great. The thane and dwarf lord killed 4 knights between them, while their adversary only managed to fell a single champion in a challenge. The dwarves won combat by 4, and a moment later the dwarven smiles were wiped clean: The bretonnian player had passed both break tests at a 5, keeping both units in the fight!!



A whole lot of charges this turn: Grail knights charged headlong against the Longbeards, weathering the throwing axe storm without a single casualty, the pegasus knights saw an opportunity and flank-charged the quareller unit standing on the hill and the peasants decided to try their luck in hand-to-hand against the dwarven helicopter. Last but not least, the yeomen spotted the flank of the warriors and sped to their masters' rescue.

Nothing else to do apart from combat, then: Grail knight lances crushed upon dwarven shields, piercing the longbeards' defences six times. The unit's champion struck back, unhorsing one of the living saints. Although the combat resolution was in the knights' favour by 4, the rangers wouldn't budge.
Meanwhile, in the central combat the yeomen wounded 3 dwarven warriors(!), losing none of their own. Another unit champion was slain by the bretonnian lord, while the rest of the errants killed 2 more hammerers. The Dwarf king struck back, killing 3 more knights with his blows. In spite of his efforts, the tide turned against the dwarven infantry, the warriors failing their break test twice (with a modifier of -6) and being cut down by pursuing yeomen who then fell upon the slayers, taking them by surprise. The hammerers held their ground.
The streak continued with the quareller combat, where 3 crossbowmen were wounded, another break tet was lost and another unit was ran to the ground, this time by the pegasus knights who pursued into the abandoned bolt thrower and destroyed it.
Finally, the peasants drew the combat against the gyrocopter, losing one of their number in the process.



Not having any particular movement to do (apart from rallying the bolt thrower crew - they did rally), we proceeded with the shooting phase. Yet another misfire for the flame cannon, which was aiming for the pegasus knights. The remaining bolt thrower caused a wound to an already wounded pegasus but the rest of the bunch passed their panic test.

In the central, protracted combat, the two generals engaged in a duel; the dwarf's armour protected him from the enemy blows, but the bretonnian was not as fortunate and suffered 2 wounds. The hammerers casued another wound on the errants but still lost the battle, stubbornly refusing to give up.
The grail knights and longbeards fought to a stalemate this turn, only a single dwarf falling to their blows. That was lucky, as they were facing 21 attacks in total! (they had expanded their front by 4 in the previous round)
No news from the gyrocopter, either, nor from the slayer combat, where the yeomen carried on the performance of their life, winning combat once more!



The pegasus knights charged the hammerers' rear, probably spelling their doom...
Straight on to combat, then with the grail knights finally winning by a big enough margin to rout their foes. They pursued out of the table.
In the central challenge, the dwarf lord wounded 3 times, but the Lady protected her champion by the deadly blows... Meanwhile, his comrades killed between them 4 hammerers, leaving a sole survivor! Enough for a stubborn break test...but when the break test was taken, the outcome was box-cars (double sixes) which meant that the lord and his banner bearer legged it! Obviously, they didn't go far...All the units pursued and stopped just short of the flame cannon.
In a streak of bad luck, the gyrocopter fled as well but was not caught.



The miners finally arrived! Not much for them to do here, though...They decided against taking the easy way out by capturing a table quarter: They'd stall the grail knights (who had pursued out of the table) long enough for the bolt thrower to turn them into kebab with a well-placed flank shot. The gyrocopter rallied and faced the angry mob in front of it.
Shooting began fairly well, the flame cannon crew finally remembering how to turn their machine on. 5 knight errant were killed in the process, causing the general and his 3 remaining knights to run for their lives!
The bolt thrower took a sniper shot at the damsel lurking nearby, but missed.
Comat was uneventful, a single yeoman falling to the slayers' axes but still not enough for them to win combat.



The 2 remaining knights errant charged the flame cannon.
The grail knights returned and a rules query came up: Was I allowed to deny them their movement by placing the miners as I did? In the end we agreed that it would be unsporting and the knights entered play and reformed as normal ( adopted the lance formation again). The pegasus knights flew on the hill, ready for a charge in the last turn, while the general rallied and turned to face the slayers.

The slayers won the combat this time, turning around to face their enemies, who held their ground thanks to the inspiring presence of their lord. The gyrocopter killed 2 peasants and won the battle, but the farmers rolled a "3" for their break test and stuck around.



No movement left, save for the miners' reform in order to face their deaths in the hands of the grail knights.

In the shooting phase, the bolt thrower spotted the general's unit and fired a bolt which impaled all the surviving errants, leaving the lord on his own.. (too bad there was no other weapon available to take advantage of this)

Combat was swift, the flame cannon not only surviving another round but killing a knight and drawing the combat as well! The Gyrocopter remained locked in combat, but the slayers finally slew the annoying yeomen and closed in towards the bretonnian lord.



Endgame was near, and all that remained was to mop up the survivors. The bolt thrower fell to the pegasus knights, the miners were killed by the grail knights, and the slayers failed to wound the bretonnian lord (who charged on his own), and were reduced to half strength for their efforts! The flame cannon remained locked in combat with the lone errant standard bearer. After 8 rounds of consecutive combat, the gyrocopter finally broke the peasant archers but its role was greatly diminished by these lucky lads!


14-04-2008, 17:03
so far so good! a non-praying bretonnian, who'd have thunk?

14-04-2008, 17:40

The game was an absolute bloodbath! When we added up the victory points, it came out that the dwarves had gotten 1580 points, while the bretonnians had claimed 2293. A hard-fought minor victory to the bretonnians, in a battle which could have gone either way!

I believe that what decided the outcome was the failed leadership tests of the dwarves, opposed to the succesful critical leadeship tests the bretonnians made. In hindsight, more careful placement of the BSB could have turned the tide.

On a side note, not praying hurt the bretonnians a lot, although they avoided an extra turn of shooting which could have caused early panic checks and potentially disrupted their battle plan. To be fair, there were times when armour save rolls were abysmall on the bretonnian side, but still luck was balanced with the exception of the aforementioned critical leadership tests...

Hope you enjoyed the report, please leave feedback!



14-04-2008, 18:00
Good read and easy to follow. Always a pain when leadership rolls throw you a curve ball...

And to all you bret players out there, one thing, ALWAYS PRAY! (Unless you take the Enchantress)

14-04-2008, 23:23

yoemen i am amazed

15-04-2008, 05:00
did the brettonian have one hero too many?

15-04-2008, 09:44
Nope Bretonnian armies get a free character slot extra

16-04-2008, 14:16
badgeraddict has got it right, bretonnians get their paladin BSB for free!

As for the yeomen, they over-performed by a lot, gaining about 600 points in the game. Ah!the joys of fast cavalry!

Anyways, I'm glad you liked it, as it does take a wee bit of time to write these things up...

Until the next time...


16-04-2008, 20:20
nice report. was the bret list an all comers list, or was he expecting thorek?

16-04-2008, 20:25
Both lists were all-comers. It's the way we play in our club. (basically, you walk in the store and ask if anyone is up for a game)

What's more, there's a tournament this weekend and we wanted to try out the lists.

That explains the 3 dispel scrolls on the part of the Bretonnians...

17-04-2008, 16:56
So annoying when using all-comers lists and you fight Dwarves...lol XXpts of Dispel Scrolls down the drain...

18-04-2008, 20:47
I went to a tournament as Dwarves and was bragging about how my opponent would have wasted XX points versus me because of his magic defense.

I then proceeded to play Dwarves, Wood Elves with minimal magic, Khorne Beasts, and Dwarves again. There was my 100 points down the drain.

That's what you get for talking smack!

20-04-2008, 17:48
Why the hell did he bring 2-3 scrolls againts dwarfs?

20-04-2008, 18:59
And to all you bret players out there, one thing, ALWAYS PRAY! (Unless you take the Enchantress)

Well, I can see the uses of taking first turn, if that may take away a whole turn of dwarven cannon batteries firing at you...

Nice report. Maps rule!

20-04-2008, 21:47
Well, I can see the uses of taking first turn, if that may take away a whole turn of dwarven cannon batteries firing at you...

Nice report. Maps rule!

"MAY". That's the key word here. Either you have a blessing for sure, or you lose if for a 50% chance for first turn and risk facing those cannons without a ward save!!!

21-04-2008, 00:17
As far as I know if the Brets win first turn they can choose to go first or to go second and pray.

So they either get their ward save or they go first, there is no middle ground.

However, what I don't know is what happens if the opposing player wins first turn. If they choose to go first, doesn't that mean the Brettonian player goes second and therefore can pray? What happens if the opposing player chooses to let the Brettonians go first? Can the Brets then choose to go second and pass first turn back to his opponent? Or are they then forced to go first and thus are not allowed to pray?

21-04-2008, 11:54
Right. After deployment, but before the battle, the Bretonnian player can choose to pray.

If he does, then he automatically gets the blessing, however he must give up the first or second choice to the opposing player.

Hope that clears things up for you