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13-10-2005, 14:41
Hi everyone, i have been looking at the dark elf army list and have come up with some changes that will hopefully come into effect in the next incarnation of the list. I would like your opinions on the list please. thanks.


Highborn. same stats. if chosen to lead the army spearmen become 7 points per model. this is to represent the highborn being able to draft in lots of normal warriors.

High Sorceress. same stats. no other special rules. getting a lv 4 is good enough.

*NEW* City Commander. same stats as a Noble but with Ld 10. If chosen to lead the army City Guard are Core choices. Reaper Bolt Throwers are special choices, In addition all cavalry units are 0-1 per 2000 points 1e(cold one knights, dark riders, Chariots. Special Rule. They are here! FIRE! - The dark elf army gains a +1 to the roll to see who gets to go first, it is cumulative with the +1 if you finish setting up first.


Noble. same
Sorceress. same
Assassin. cheaper. Repeater crossbow.
NEW HERO. Witch Elf Hag Princess. x points. same stat line as noble. frenzy. must use two hand weapons if no magic weapon. poisoned attacks if has normal hand weapons. may choose magic items (with exception of magic armour) or upgrades from ToK list to max 50pts. can only join witch elves.
Beastmaster. Same statline. may ride dark steed or Cold One Chariot that is included as a special choice. Any beast may use the beastmasters Ld if within 12". Cold Ones may re-roll stupidity if within 12"
If Beastmaster is chosen all Dragons/Hydra's/manticores have a price reduction.


Spearmen. 9pts per model.
Repeater Crossbowmen. 11 points. shields +1 point
Corsairs. same
Dark Riders. same. Herald cheaper
Shades. have light armour as standard 15 points per model. Bloodshade cheaper. unit can have poisoned bolts for +1 point each. Shades do not count for minimun core choices in the army.

0-1 City Guard. 9 points per model. shields for 1 point per model. repeaters for 4 points per model. one unit may take magic standard up to 50 points.
Witch Elves. same. get 6+ ward save as standard.
Cold One Chariots. same
Cold One Knights. same rules. have I6 and Ld9. Reduced points by 1 to 28 per model.
Executioners. same as now. *maybe s4*
Harpies. same


War Hydra. different breeds. Regenerate.
0-1 Black Guard. 16 points per model. Halberd, Heavy armour. Ws6. the usual rules.
0-1 Cauldron. Red Fury. Any Dark Elf units within 24" may re-roll failed to wound rolls in the first turn of any combat. any unit within 6" of the cauldron gain Magic Resistance (1). In addition any Witch Elf units are always frenzied if within 24" and may never lose their frenzy, if they have lost their frenzy and move within 24" of the cauldron they regain it. The Baleful energies seeping from the cauldron increase the ward save of any witch elves within 24" to 5+ and grants them magic resistance (1)
Reaper Bolt Throwers. 2 for 1 choice. 90 points. crew are equipped with hand weapons and light armour. the crew may both be given sea dragon cloaks for 10 points.

Some new magic items.

Banner of the North Wind. magic banner. 75points .
The North Wind blows its power across the unit keeping them from harm, if the unit suffers any casualties the wind blows stronger.
Missile fire directed at the unit are at -1 to hit, in addition all models in the unit gain a 6+ ward save against missiles of any kind (including magic missiles etc) if the unit should lose 25% of its number the ward save is increased to 5+. Further still if the unit should lose 50% of its number the ward save is increased to the maximum 4+

Pulse-stone of Warding. enchanted item. 40points
The pulse stone claims the life of its holder and slowly draws energy from them, it emits an aura of anti-magic to protect them from harm.
The bearer and any unit they are with is granted the same magic resistance as the amount of wounds on their starting profile (eg a noble with the stone is granted mr2, a high sorceress 3). When used to dispel a spell the holder must take a hit at strength 4. armour saves and ward saves may be taken as usual. the Dark magic spell soul stealer may not take the mr above 3.

So there it is. any suggestions are much appreciated. thanks for reading!