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Kabal of The Ordo Mallius
14-04-2008, 14:44
I realize the typo in the title of my post...It's an advertising technique used to get you to read my post. Must have worked huh?

After some trial and error I have decided upon this list:

Vampire + Dark Acolyte + Helm of Commandment + Black Periapt (175)
Vampire + Infinite Hatred + Walking Death + Flayed Hauberk(175)
15 Grave Guard w/ command (210)
20 Skeletons w/ command (180)
1 Corpse Cart w/ Balefire (100)
10 Ghouls (80)
10 Dire Wolves (80)
TOTAL: 1000

The vampire with the Helm will be the army general and my magic-using vampire. He will hang out in the skeleton unit. The Grave Guard will be directly ahead of the skeletons, and will be accompanied by the fighty-vampire. The Cart will lag behind casting it's bound spell, and the Ghouls and Wolves will cover the flanks. It will be a very compact army revolving around the Grave Guard's hitting power, and the General's Helm of Commandment/casting powers.

The Black Periapt is a questionable item, but I have found it comes in handy in lower point games as I usually can save a few dispell dice. So any thoughts?

14-04-2008, 14:54
Seems a fairly rounded list, but I have one slight.. reservation about it.

In an army with no clear "Tarpits" (and VC tend to rely on Tarpits providing static CR) your 'summoning' character has no "Mastery" Vampiric Powers.

You might find your army suffering from the inability to increase unit sizes cheaply, or just not having cheap units of Zombies to boost up quickly for the static CR.

Just a personal opinion as often summoning has won me games.

Kabal of The Ordo Mallius
14-04-2008, 15:31
Aren't zombies tarpits? You ould always summon large hordes of them no?

Lord Dan
14-04-2008, 16:12
I didn't notice the typo. I just enjoy Vampire Count lists.

I would drop the helm on your general. With this few points you will need him in combat, and thus won't be able to use the helm's ability. He also has no...save...of any kind? I don't care if you're intending to keep him out of combat, he will be getting into combat. Your opponent will ensure that. Give him at least the Hauberk, and drop the black periapt (you shouldn't have leftover magic dice in either phase on a constant basis with this few points).

Drop walking death on your other vampire. In its stead, just make him a BSB with no magic banner, and give him avatar of death with your other bloodline power points (hand weapon + shield). I know infinite hatred is fun, but you might be better off dropping it and taking some magic sword for 10 points less. (Sword of battle, sword of striking, etc.)

Break the dire wolves into two units. Right now you're paying for a back rank that doesn't do anything for you.

Count Zero
14-04-2008, 16:24
i thought it would be and army of camp vampires :)

14-04-2008, 16:50
Aren't zombies tarpits? You ould always summon large hordes of them no?

Zombies *are* tarpits.

But with only 5 powerdice, and no bonii to casting in the list you'll be hard pressed to not only Raise the 5-7 zombies through Raise Dead, but to then increase its numbers through Invocation of Nehek to a level where it wont simply be an easy extra 50VPs for your opponent.

Alot of 'traditionalist' Vampire players sneer at the thought of buying units of Zombies in thier current form, but 80pts for 20 saves you 2power dice and could make or break that combat with thier static CR.

88pts for 20 Zombies w/ Standard is a bargain for the +4 CR they add, and with a light dusting of IoN thrown at them will easily break the +5CR with the Outnumbering bonus (which could also be written as +6CR due to it denying the CR from your opponent). Not to mention that outnumber + fear is your most powerful weapon in a VC army.

Just food for though. In my personal opinion I would either try and cram the 88pt unit in somewhere, or give your 'casting' Vampire "Lord of the Dead" to bolster your skeleton unit.

As I said though, it's my opinion and many VC players may disagree with my addiction to summoning prowess.

Andrew Luke
14-04-2008, 17:04
You could take down the unit of skellies to 10 to save and boost your casting power. Getting the skellies back up to strength won't take much. I would drop the Direwolves and replace them with either Bats or give one of your vamps flying. The reason for this is I see gunlines and artillery giving you real problems, which would be exasperated by dropping unit sizes to increase casting power. Wait, I contradicted myself, so you might be better to just ignore me :)

14-04-2008, 17:11
Why 10 hounds? Do 2 x 5.

15-04-2008, 02:57
The best way to use the helm in 1000 points is overwhelming zombies and magic. Just use two level two foot vampires, one with Avatar of Death, the other with the 2+ Hauberk that is the general. Also take a necromancer in the cart with the loadstone rather than balefire. Give the necromancer the sceptre de noirot.

As core, take 2 min zombie units with command.
These can be ghouls or skeletons if you take the appropriate master power on the vampire with the Hauberk

Take grave guard in special. make that unit as strong as possible, with great weapons. This is your one and only hammer where the non-helm vampire goes.

The amount of zombies that you can summon, then buff with IoN is truly incredible, and they don't die as easy because of the helm. It's really the same army, but, using zombies to protect the flanks, particularly a summoned zombie unit to protect the flank of your helm zombie unit would work great, and is the first thing you should concentrate on.