View Full Version : Dwarf 2250 pts Army list

14-04-2008, 15:25
hi everyone!
Going to have a buddy tournament this weekend.
The army im going to meet is lizzardmen, empire and VC.

this is the list and give me some feedback if it is illigal or something else.

Dwarf lord
shield bearers, +1 str +1 attack +1 intiative, +4 ward save, reroll armor save, shield. 293 pts

Dragon slayer
+1 str +1 attack, 2xstr against toughness 5+ 291 pts

Dwarf thane
Bsb, +1 CR witihn 12", magic res 1 205 pts

10 warriors fcg great W. 115 pts
10 warriors fcg shield hand W. 125 pts
2x10 thunderers 280 pts
19 Longbeards fcg shield W. unit strengt x2

18 Hammerers fcg, take break test 1 dice (one use only), +1 magic res 278pts
10 Miners fcg steamdrill 190pts
9 Troll slayers fcg 132pts
1 Bolt thrower, enginner, +1 str 85pts
1 Flame cannon 140pts

total : 2244 pts

Dragon Prince of Caledor
15-04-2008, 03:52
dude isnt a dragon slayer like 65 points and cant he only have 75 pts of magic items. he coudlnt equal 300 pts. No organ gun or gyrocopter? The helicopter makes people mad andi love rolling 10s for the organ gun:) Good list though!

15-04-2008, 07:14
Yeah, that Dragon Slayer is only 120 points, meaning you have another 171 to add to your list. Perhaps an Organ Gun / Gyrocopter and a 2nd Bolt Thrower.

15-04-2008, 18:46
yes you are right, the dragon slayer only cost 120 pts :p
But i wrote in wrong pts numbers so.. my bad :cries:
still thx for the comments.