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14-04-2008, 18:38
Hi all! I have a question about inducted guard squads for my witch hunters army. It says in the WH codex that.. "All units must be taken exactly as they appear in Codex: Space Marines or Codex: Imperial Guard and may only use the options and upgrades listed there."

OK this is my question - Can inducted guard units use the Regimental Doctrines, Skills & Drills, and Special Equipment options listed in the back of the codex?

IMHO, those options should be open to inducted guard squads unless they are obviously inappropriate for the units that Witch Hunters and Daemon Hunters may choose from. However I think this could be the subject of debate with my opponents. I was hoping that maybe someone on this board could shed some light on this for me.

Mr Feral
14-04-2008, 18:47
No is the short answer. Read the first Doctrines page in the IG codex.

14-04-2008, 19:28

Here's the long answer. (It's still no :( )

I play Deamonhunters with Inducted Guard and unfortunately you can not use the regimental doctrines in the Guard Codex. You are limited to pretty much straight up Guardsmen, but you can take Armored Fist squads without having to take an infantry platoon first. Normally I take 2 squads of Inquistoral Stormtroopers in Rhinos, 2 Armored Fist squads with Autocannon armed Chimeras (listed in Imperial Armour 1) and 2 squads of 5 to 10 Grey Knights in Power Armor (depending on the points value of the given game). My HQ is usually a GK Grandmaster with 3 to 5 GK termies in a retinue. My heavy support is either a Leman Russ Vanquisher (if Imp. Armor is allowed) or a GK Land Raider (if Imp. Armor is not allowed). Variable elements of the list will often include an Inquistor (to allow Assassin Operatives), a Callidus Assassin, a Squadron of Sentinels (lascannon and autocannons mixed) or a GK dreadnought with either Assault Cannon or Psycannon.

The ISTs normally carry 2 meltas for anti tank or 2 plasmas for anti MEQ work, and the Guard form a firebase with lascannons or autocannons. The GKs provide general suppressive fire with their stormbolters and superior close combat capability with their Nemesis weapons.

I really wish that Inducted Guard had access to some of the doctrines, such as Sharpshooters and Carapace Armor. I don't believe they would be unbalancing but some claim they are. Of course a VERY few of the people I play claim that anything , ruleswise or unitwise, that doesn't guarantee them an automatic win is unbalancing, but those kind of whiners are like mosquistos, everywhere and easily slapped down.:D You also could always use the Elysian D-99 list from Imperial Armor 4. The only thing that stops me from owning and using a D-99 list is the obscene cost of Forge World infantry models.

Remember, however that this is just a game and you should have fun. I would not have any qualms about playing someone who wants to use doctrines or specific SM Chapters or traits with an Inquistion army. I am not a big tournament circuit player and don't much care about tourney legal or not. However my basic 1850 point list for DH does use all six Troops slots and nearly 60% of the points are spent on those six slots. Take that as you will.

I know everyone says the Deamonhunters are a poor list to play but they work well for me and I usually win more often than I lose. Also they just look good on the tabletop. Remember the game is supposed to be about fun. Good luck. Oh if you're ever in Louisville, KY, look me up and we'll get a game in.

Peace: through superior firepower.

14-04-2008, 19:29
Why would you need regimental doctrines when you have things like laser lances and uber Inquisitor characters to pwn with? Play a Guard army if you want those options.

burning crome
14-04-2008, 20:11
Why don’t you just do it the other way around take guard army with your doc's of choice and inq allies. You can take up to one HQ and elite and two troops (not sure about FA off the top of my head but no HS which is no loss to guards) . this works out well for DH give the guards some much needed CC and counter-assault punch. Not sure about WH who's main benefits comes form (relative) cheap good PA troops with the added bonus of faith points.

14-04-2008, 21:54
Well, thanks for the answers everyone. I realize that I can't use the doctrines with my inducted guard. I am pretty new to using guardsmen in my army, I usually use them with my witch hunters. I have a demon hunters army too, but I have never gotten around to use them yet. Thanks for the advice on composition. I have used my GK termies once as an ally to my witch hunters though. I really think that being able to use the doctrines would add flavor but not be overpowering. Oh well, I guess I will just have to take them as just regular joe-shmoe guardsmen. :)