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14-04-2008, 20:04
I am probably going to sell off my Tau army, as I don't really enjoy playing with them, and in retrospect, never really did. It is mostly painted, at or above tabletop quality, and comes in at roughly 1500 points. I am also selling off parts of my VC Fantasy army.

What I need to know is, what's the most effective way of doing it, how do I price them personally, is there a place here to list it, would anyone here be interested and has anyone had experience in doing this on the internet - how do I keep from getting ripped off?

I realize pictures will have to be posted, I just don't have them now, and I don't think this is the thread for it.

14-04-2008, 20:07
You can't keep from getting ripped off. I mean, you probably bought them from GW in the first p[lace right? So you already did get ripped off.

What you can do is maximize profit by checking out eBay and Bartertown for current pricing.

As a general rule of thumb, you'll probably sell what you have for 40% off retail.

14-04-2008, 20:11
Well, right.

I'm not trying to make my money back, just sell what I can for a maximum margin. 40% off or 40% of retail?

Either way, I bought this stuff when it was about $5-10 cheaper than it currently is per box, so that already makes me feel better.

14-04-2008, 20:16
If something cost 100 bucks, selling it for 60ish is what you should aim for. Aim higher if you can, but don't be discouraged if you only get 50 bucks for it.

'Most' people do not liked painted models when buying.

14-04-2008, 21:18
If you are selling it as a complete army, then a universal paint scheme is preferable, especially if the buyer doesn't have the skills/time/want to paint an army they bought all at once. I suggest you sell it as a complete army, that way you can use the paint scheme as a positive, instead of just piecemeal.

The writeup is a lot of how much the models go for. I sold off some SM squads a couple of years ago, and I made mention that these were "Battle hardened veterans, victorious in many battles." They weren't painted very well, but I like to think they got more than a regular squad.

Don't just give a dry description, and take lots of high-quality pictures. Stress that these are pre-painted to a good standard. Do NOT put "pro-painted" in the title or description, since by your admissions in the OP that they aren't.

Hope that helps.

14-04-2008, 21:35
I appreciate the advice so far. When I get around to finally selling them I will post pictures and people can tell me how good they are. Then I can go from there.

Anyone else? Seriously, the more help the better. What about actually selling it? I have ever done any online transactions where I am shipping something, how do I go about this?

14-04-2008, 22:04

I would suggest posting them on eBay. There you at least have some protection from mail fraud, and it helps if you use paypal. I have had one seller in almost 8 years of buying and selling on eBay try to defraud me (I think so since he just disappeared after a couple of emails and my payment being sent via paypal). However I was able to recover my entire payment by working through the established systems already present in eBay and Paypal.

Also, good pictures are a must. Good luck.

Regarding your shipping concerns, you can simply take the models to your local UPS Store and they will pack and ship them for you. They are a little more expensive than the post office but shipping UPS automatically includes $100 minimum insurance and they should pack them for you. Not all UPS Stores will do so however. You must pack the models if you chose to use either the US post office or FedEX.

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14-04-2008, 22:51
The best way to sell anything short of a fully pro-painted army is to divide into small lots (individual vehicles, squads, and collections of HW models) and list them as seperate lots on eBay. People that want the whole thing will bid on multiple auctions (especially if you offer combined shipping), while those that want a little bit can buy what they want.

As for what to expect in terms of price, metals generally sell for roughly half. Plastics sell for less (25-40%).

14-04-2008, 23:00
Painted plastics sell for very little, assembled for only roughly half retail, but if well-painted can fetch at least retail. Metal models are a great market, painted, assembled, or neither.

ALWAYS sell in small groups, not a big lot. Sure, it takes longer, but it's well worth it. Expect a few things to not sell, and just relist them for 2/3 your initial price.