View Full Version : Should I build a Clan Skyre rat pack?

13-10-2005, 16:47
I have about 1500pts of dark elves, and am stopping at 2000pts with that army & starting a new one. I love playing infantry heavy armies, but elves are clearly not the best army for this. I also really wanted to play an old world army, so I narrowed it down to dwarves & skaven, not just any skaven, but a heavily themed clan skyre or clan eshin army. I already have dark elves to be sneaky with, so I'm leaning toward the less-used clan skyre.

Would this be viable to win games? Warpfire cannons, Jezzails galore, a Ratling gun attached to every clanrat regiment, poison wind globardiers galore. For characters, i'd go very magic heavy. I think it would be quite nasty if you ask me .. what do you think about Clan Skyre?

13-10-2005, 18:04
What does Sammy Davis Jr. have to do with Skaven?

Everything you are saying about your "dream Skaven Skyre Army" is usually classified as the SAD. Skaven/Shooty Army of Death and is VERY boring for your opponent. It is a complete textbook example of one of the most boring to play against armies in the game. It's powerful as hell, but you won't find many opponents probably.

If you are going to play Skaven and want Skyre, tone it down a bit. Take 1 or 2 ratling guns at max (this is the thing most people complain about). Take maybe up to 12 Jezzails total (split up however you want).

The Phoenix
13-10-2005, 18:25
Alternatively, take just as many warpfire throwers as you do rattling guns, as the warpfire thrower is also a Skyre invention...

13-10-2005, 18:26
less-used? Every god damn cheesy git uses skyre nearly.

If your going to be skyre themed please dont use more than 2 ratlings. I've limited myself to 1 that i havn't even got round to buying due to my hate for them.

skyre armies should be heavy on wind globes, try not to cheese on the magic heavy side of the army, I'd say 2-3 warlocks max and try to include a warlord. Nice conversion posibilities for a warlord that never get done due to cheesy warlock heavy skyre armies.

Try building a robotic rat ogre pack. there is a robot rat ogre on the mail order section under mordheim and the new boneripper fits in nice.

15-10-2005, 01:38
eek, sorry, i didnt know skyre had such hatred.. i have heard of the SAD, and i certainly dont want to build one of those.

i actually didnt know the ratling gun was so powerful, i just thought it looked cooler than the warpfire thrower.

what if someone brought nothing but warpfire throwers, no ratling guns, just 1 warpfire cannon, and just like.. two small units of jezzails? all the rest would be clanrats and poison wind globardiers..

18-10-2005, 00:04
Bit late for a reply :p

Yeh im not bothered by WFT, Jezzails if theres under 15 im usualy ok with, and WLC arn't much of a problem. The main probems that make Skyre armies SAD is having lots of units of 20 clanrats with a ratling gun on everyone, then around 10-25 jezzails 0.~

Not fun to play agains or with.

Then you get onto characters... 1 greyseer, rest warlocks... thats it. all fully kitted with dispell scrolls gallore to ensure only the SAd player gets to use a spell.

18-10-2005, 21:27
A Skryre army strikes me as too random- its a perfectly good (albeit overdone) idea, its just that it requires to many things to go right, with too many opportunities for misfires and suchlike that you might as well role a D6 to find out who wins and save yourself some time.

18-10-2005, 21:32
Im afraid that isn't what annoys people. What annoys people is the skaven army becomes a turn of hmm how much damage does my warplightning do? How about jezzails, oh and my ratlings.

*half enemy battleline falls dead, cooked or just disapears*

Enemy turn, some movement, maybe shooting, magi- oh no they have cheesed on dispell scrolls....oh well.

Skaven army rolls some dice.

enemy moves forward if theres anything left.

Skaven roll dice.

enemy usualy obliterated.

Players have had little fun,. Skaven player most likely hurls abuse/braggs if they have the attitude to take such a SAD list in the first place they have bad enough sportsmanship to be a bad winner and loser.