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15-04-2008, 11:23
I have been playing with list writing for the new daemon book & have decided to try mono-god to start.

Lord of Change; Level4, Power Vortex, Dark Magister, Master of Sorcery = 615

The Blue Scribes = 81

Herald of Tzeentch; Power Vortex, Disc = 165

Herald of Tzeentch; Power Vortex, Disc = 165

19x Horrors; Changeling= 288

10x Horrors = 120

10x Horrors = 120

3x Screamers = 90

5x Flamers = 175

5x Flamers = 175

Power Dice = 17
Dispell Dice = 9

15-04-2008, 11:52
hmm, as you may have guessed, you have a strong magic and shooting phase but only one unit able to do any damage in combat (the LoC), and the changeling isnt really that great against regular troops. this will be a problem with most Tzeentch armies. id be tempted to ditch the changeling. between your lord and hero choices, you already have plenty of magic so i think that you could reduce the big horror unit to 10 and use the rest of the points to buy more screamers.

also, how would you deal with a quick combat orientated force? (like my slaanesh one elsewhere in this forum :P )


15-04-2008, 12:48
This is a "for now list" as my plan was to drop horrors for screamers, but have to buy more first, I can already feel howls of pain coming from my wallet. When this is done I'll have no need for the Changeling.

With regards to a quick combat list, if I knew i was going to face one i'd probably use my mixed list. Using this one, well, it certainly wouldn't be easy. Staying out of the way would be priority one for the units that can as for the poor old horrors?, who can say?

I'm gonna try & find out. I'm gonna go pick a fight with a fast moving army at my club me thinks.

15-04-2008, 12:49
Also the flamers are a more than capable comabt unit, with T4 & 2 S5 attacks each. Not to mention two wounds a piece!

15-04-2008, 17:51
He plans to hit a unit or two with S5 magic on the entire unit, then when you close, drop some 1d6 S6 on everything w/in 12".