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15-04-2008, 15:26

Inspired by the 40K Apocalypse rules, I was thinking about adding some strategic assets to the FB Legendary Battles rules. The setup would be the same as for 40K, with each side being allowed one strategic asset per player on the side with the most players, plus an extra asset for every 250 pts more the opposing side has.

Suggested assets:

• Assassin
After deployment, nominate any enemy character anywhere and roll a D6. On a 3+ the character loses a Wound with no armour save allowed. If you make the roll, roll again to see if the character loses a second Wound. Continue rolling until you fail to roll a 3+. If you kill a character in this way, you may nominate another enemy character and continue rolling for him.

• Burn the forests
After deployment zones have been selected, but before deployment, roll a D6 for each forests or similar terrain piece on the board. On a 3+ you have set them on fire and they count as impassable terrain for the entire battle.

• Elite infantry
All units of elite infantry doubles its rank bonus in close combat, up to a maximum of +6. Any unit of infantry selected as a Special or Rare choice, as well as any Core infantry with Weapon Skill 5 or more, is considered to be Elite infantry for this purpose.

• Flanking manoeuvres
Your units entering the table from reserves may do so from any table edge, not just from inside their own deployment zone.

• Obstacles
After deployment zones have been selected, but before deployment, place up to 3D6 obstacles inside your own deployment zone. Each obstacle should be around 6” long and provides hard cover and a defended obstacle for units sheltering behind it.

• Off-board artillery
At the start of each of your own shooting phases, roll a D6, on a 4+ the off-board artillery is ready too shoot. Your opponents nominate any corner of the battlefield and you aim the shot from there. Off-board artillery have unlimited range, do not require a line of sight to their target and use the large 5” template, but otherwise work as stone throwers. On a misfire, the machine simply does not shoot that turn.

• Sustained advance
Any of your Core units that is destroyed or flees off the table is placed in reserve and may return to the table in later turns.

Does anyone have any suggestions for more assets? The 40K version has around 25 different ones and I thought to have around the same number for FB.

16-04-2008, 03:38
Terrible Idea, Stratigic assets are often severly unbalanceing and could be even worse in fantasy where many armys have large investments in some aspect of there army.

assasin against a VC army could be a turn 1 win. burn forests against wood elves would be horrible, flanking manuvers could end a game of fantasy in one or two turns.

basicly I felt the bonuses legendary battles gives (rerolls and auto passes) are much more balanced and better for the game than some gimikey I win powers.

so ya it would be horrible.

16-04-2008, 07:39
We run a Warhammer Campaign every other year at our local gaming store. The campaign has political actions you play that are just like this and the forces are not balanced. These effects work fine and are alot of fun. I do suggest toning them down a bit, and things like assassin not work on the generals of undead armies or something. In our campaign, undead characters are "protected" (so they get a ward save against it basically) and if your general is killed another one is nomiated to take over. These actions occur before deployment.

16-04-2008, 13:21
Sounds interesting. If you could post the political actions used in your campaign I'd be very grateful. :)