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13-10-2005, 21:32
hi there

for my first warhammer army i'm putting together a WE force for a conflict (i need a tounrie to get in gear and paint an army)

so, here it is: the Kindred of the Autumn Birch:


Spellsinger: Level 2, 2 dispel scroll

Total: 175

Noble (General): Wardancer Kindred, Moon Stone of the Hidden Way

Total: 140


10 Glade Guard: Musician

Total: 126

10 Glade Guard: Musician

Total: 126

10 Glade Guard: Musician

Total: 126

10 Dyrads

Total: 120

10 Dyrads

Total: 120

5 Glade Riders: Musician

Total: 129


11 Wardancers: Full Command

Total: 219

5 Wild Riders: Full command

Total: 166


1 Great Eagle

Total: 50

Grand Total: 1500

ok, as per usual some basic notes on how i'm, going to use this army (please please please note: these are only BASIC notes, these are subject to change!):

1) Wardancer noble joins the wardancers (well duh!) and uses the moonstone to zip up the table and get a few good rear charges

2) the eagle hunts down warmachine crew/lone wizards

3) wild riders will try and combine charge with the dyrads and/or glade riders

4) the glade riders will act as bait for frenzy

5) the glade guard shoot people

6) the mage provides magical support/defence

7) the dyrads charge people.

now, i can see a weakness against ranked up units (as i lack the ability to punch through ranks with most of my units) but i don't really like eternal guard

16-10-2005, 15:58
<small cough>