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15-04-2008, 21:15

Caradryan - 175

Lv 2, 2 x Dispell scroll - 175

Commander, GW, HA, Radiant Gem - 144

Mage, Lv 2, Dispel Scroll, Silver Wand - 165


20 x Spears, Command - 205
20 x Spears, Command - 205


15 Swordsmasters, Command, Bladelord has Talisman of Loec - 265

15 Phoenix Guard, Command, - 255

3 x Tiranoc Chariot - 85 Each

Lion Chariot - 140


3 x Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower = 300

= 2246 or something to that effect.

Basic Idea is that Caradryan sits with one of the spear units, giving me a 3rd Fear Causing unit that anchors the other flank, teaming with the swordsmasters, while the other spears team with the Phoneix Guard, who are lead by the Radiant Gem noble, who simply keeps pitching his power dice at Bear's Anger.

The two Mages either join Bolt Thrower crews, stand in the open, or chill inside a spear block depending on the army I'm fighting. They basically cast Shield of Saphery on things if the enemy has strong shooting, spam Drain Magic if the enemy is magic heavy, or blow dice into another High Magic spell if it seems useful (despite the points spent on Arcane my Magic phase is almost entirely defensive).

The chariots will either split into two flanks, to ward off heavy cav, which they can all outcharge (and the Lion Chariot outfight), slide onto one flank to turn a hammer blow around terrain against non-cannon shooties or massed infantry, or else smash directly up the middle against elite armies, and attempt to punch through into the rear lines and combine march blocking with threatening rear charges while the infantry advances semi-aggressively.

Bolt throwers hunt War Machines and shooting first, then armoured or tough infantry/monsters. I'm content my infantry will beat most other infantry in a straight up fight. I'll also combine their shooting to blast small units and try to force panic checks.

The Swordsmaster Bladelord tries to use his Talisman to kill enemy characters (he's had great success with this so far).


Drop one of the Mages to get a character to put in one of the Tiranoc chariots to give it US 5 and some extra fighty potential, probably with the Reaver Bow and use the extra points to buff up the Spears in numbers a bit.
Trade a Chariot for some March Blocking/hidden charging Shadow Warriors,


Drop the second Mage and a Chariot, put the Radiant Gem character into a chariot (give him a halberd to save 4 points), and throw in a block of 15 White Lions or a second block of 15 Swordsmasters.


#1: Lord Level Fighters. I'm just too T3 to deal with them. Even with striking first, I can never do enough damage to kill the 300 pt fighty character with T4-5 and 2-3+ armour and 5-8 attacks. They just butcher me. And I feel that even if I put a fighty Prince in the army he'll still run into the same problem. possibly if I give him the Talisman of Loec (he can actually soak the wound). Still, they just smash through me...my character points are very spread out, but I like to use that to give some damage potential against armoured/Tough foes to my weaker combat troops.

#2: Magic. I find that I either have too many points sunk into anti-magic, or not enough. I either run into Dwarves or Warrior-Priest Empire, or Brets where I have more than enough anti-magic, and my scrolls and the like are just wasting points, and I really have a mental block about going very offensive with spells, or else my opponent has 10-15 PD, which still blows past my 5 DD every turn...

16-04-2008, 03:58
Like I said in the other thread I commented on, I am a High Elf noob, but from a general experience point of view I think the tempting change #1 isn't really worth it. The other one, however looks like something I would take as a secondary list.

Id like to know peoples comments on dealing with the fighty lords, as that is a common choice where I play.

16-04-2008, 06:00
I also have the problem with fighty lords, Ok if i an in a dragon no problem, armor of cal, bracers and a SOM hard to kill with rerolled armor saves +2 and a +4 ward a dragon for back up. If mounted i take al the traping for a +2 AS and bracers for the reroll and the ward save, and i am trying new things ofr the restof the points. But what i am trying right no is an arch mage, with the robe that makes you ethereal, with a staff to pick spells so you vcan use vauls unmaking. then a back up wizard wiht ring of corin. when fighty closes toss spells till he uses dice and scrolls then use ring to take out magic weapon. then callange with arch mage in combat, he cant hurt you so you take his fighting out of the game, but you have been casting. or you can realy chees it up and just go robe with talisman of saphery abd you dont need to cast. good luck getting a game after that though :evilgrin:

16-04-2008, 06:57
Yah....I know what you mean. I just don't have the ability to pay the points for the Dragon lord, and I really don't want to put Lord level magic in there, it's just too expensive, and frankly I hate the magic phase. My armies are generally based around making it as little part of the game as possible....

16-04-2008, 07:27
I think I'm the only HE player in the world who hates RBTs, so take this with a grain of salt. I'd drop the RBTs, the Talisman of Loec, and one of the dispel scrolls. Pump the Phoenix guard to 20, give them the banner of sorcery, and give the swordmasters the war banner. Add an Eagle, and a unit of Dragon princes with the Erayllion Banner (sp?), and drop a chariot. Also, I'm not a fan of level 1 wizards, as I find they work poorly, and I'm also not a fan of spearmen units w/o characters, so I'd change that too, but if it works for you, it works for you.

If you don't like magic, do what I do: don't take any, use a prince on a star dragon, and two eagles as mage hunters. Works good for me (although it sucks in the first turn when you get magic missiled to no end)

16-04-2008, 15:19
How about a noble with The White Sword and Talisman of Loec for assassinating enemy Lords? I've had pretty good luck with that lately and it's fairly cheap for what it can do.

16-04-2008, 15:47
love the army

Mike KK
16-04-2008, 22:45
drop talisman of loec of champ cos it just auto kills a very expensive guy

also i would drop tironic chariots for lion chariots

17-04-2008, 06:26
Talisman only kicks in if I end up in a challenge with a FAR more expensive Character. I've had surprisingly good luck at killing even Lord level characters with this little guy.

As for the Lion Chariots. I have considered it, but I use them mostly for outcharging, and at nearly 2-1 on cost I don't want to give up that 18" charge...