View Full Version : Kishvier's Black Legion/Hive Army/Misc. Log

15-04-2008, 23:52
I've just begun building a Hive army of nids. Put the warriors together and am finishing one up. Other than that I'm testing some new scheme's for the nids.
On the Black Legion end, I tried my first tournament a few weeks ago and got 4th place. Got some new Tsons and I hope they will be better than the beserkers I used (were killed with little resistance in all 3 matches). Once I finish some more models I'll take some pics. Until then you all have to wait.

17-04-2008, 15:09
Heres some pics I promised, nothing special done. haven't had much time with nids so I can't thin of any good conversions to do, though I need to give them enhanced senses. Tsons are okay I guess.




17-04-2008, 21:52
Some more pics on my Rhino I finished making:




Does everyone like my models? Anything to improve on?

17-04-2008, 23:08
Is anyone going to give me some critique? Are they really that good? (Lol, I'll give anyone who can find what I did wrong in one of those or maybe more pics)

17-04-2008, 23:20
Well, I say: Paint the 1k Sons.
There is actually something cool about this thread, even if itīs just started. You made me drill out my bolters:p

17-04-2008, 23:22
Lol, the Tsons are just about my only men with drilled out bolters minus about 6 or 7 normal marines.:D I really should get to work on them. I'll try to Paint the Tsons, but I have no blue besides Hawk Turquoise which wouldn't work.

18-04-2008, 00:05
Some touched up Vossys I have painted:






There you go. Enjoy!

18-04-2008, 00:15
Looks good! The only real suggestion I could say is use some ink on the gold and leather, other than that your painting is very neat! Now paint those Thousand Sons...

18-04-2008, 14:43
Lol, it seems the sons are a wanted paint job. I'll work on what I can w/o the blue paint. I think I'll paint them black legion except for the helm.

18-04-2008, 20:40
I was able to construct a old Dreadnought I found lying around, didn't go together when Raimo and I tried to build it so I tried again today and here it is:


19-04-2008, 18:12
Started a Tson, not much progress so far. Mainly been concentrating on my Dreadnought which is almost half painted. Hope to finish it tomarrow.

26-04-2008, 00:38
Okay, I've been working on a Tau list, funny thing. The Tau were my first army, now they're one of my less played lists, hope to change that though.(My list needs some help, in escalation only 2 broadsides and a pathfinder squad deploys meaning deep strike of death:D:angel::D).

07-05-2008, 21:51
Well, since I've given you guys the cold shoulder for a while here goes, I'm going to start a Daemon army, Nurgle probably. Haven't gotten my paint though for the sons, so that sadly will have to wait.

09-05-2008, 23:07
In the theme of my soon to be Nurgle army, I have decided to attemp a scratchbuilt Nurgle Dreadnought. I doubt it will turn out well, since most of my scratchbuilt models turn out very crappy and are only half way done, but I'm hoping this one will turn out alright (though I'm going to need a lot of greenstuff since I'm no good with plasti-card). Front Panel is almost done already.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
10-05-2008, 00:12
Ha. I remember those Ork vehicles...shudder...

I'm not bad with a GS myself, as your Oblits know, and (my main selling point) I'm withing easy reach. If you need any GSing, toss me...something. Y'know- a message or whatever.

10-05-2008, 00:24
Yeah, I'm building an orky-ish body and going to greenstuff it like mad in order to make it look more nurgly yet making it look sutibly crude. I'll give you a call tomarrow, but not before 12:30, I have a soccer game to play (I think it's against Joe, should be good). Also I'm making the head like a human, so it won't be on the front of the body.