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16-04-2008, 02:18
Hello all,

I am fairly new to Fantasy... well REALLY new... so could use some help in an upcoming battle. Admittedly this is just as much to help him figure out his force as it is to have a competitive game. Regardless I'd rather not get trounced in two turns as no one learns anything that way.

We are going to play a 1000pt battle. Neither of us have much (yet!) and so are going off what models we have. First, the list for the Bretts...

Sir Jacob, the Black Knight of Parravon- 126pts
-Barded Warhorse
-Virtue of the Joust
-Lance of Artois

Paladin Standard Bearer- 74pts
-Barded Warhorse
-Battle Standard

Damsel of the Lady- 100pts
-Chalice of Malfleur

Knights of the Realm- 136pts
-5 Knights

Questing Knights- 158pts
-5 Knights

Knights Errant- 120pts
-6 Knights

Knights Errant- 121pts
-5 Knights
-Full Command

Pegasus Knights- 165pts
-3 Knights

1000, right on the nose.

My list is to be developed from the little stuff I have, which is as follows (and then following that will put what I was thinking for 1000pts)

Battle Priest
Mounted Wizard
20 Flaggelants
Great Cannon
Helblaster Volley Gun
Mounted Captain
16 handgunners
20 free company
18 spearmen
10 Greatswords
10 Swordsmen

I was thinking I would take the priest and insert him with the flaggs, take both wizards (both on foot), the cannon and helblaster, the handgunners and the free company. Fill it out with a couple magic items, dispel scrolls, whatever. That's around 1000pts

Optionally I could drop a wizard and throw in the the engineer with a repeater and a hochland long rifle (to take out his bosses).

Any thoughts on making my list better/stronger and tactics would be _awesome_! Much appreciated muchachos

16-04-2008, 02:32
Your Spears and Free Company will have a hard time standing against the Brets but as your opponent only has small units you may pull it off.

Take a Priest with Great Weapon. Put him in your Greatswords, deploy wide. You will lose when you get charged, but you should stick around and then your Greatswords should start to hack down those units, especially with the Priest. Dont even really need to bother with a Command.
[He cant go with the Flaggies as they are unbreakable]

Take the Wizard on foot, Lvl2. Give him the Burning Head item, it could come in handy if you panic a unit with it. Hit the Errants with it.

For troops, your 20 Flaggies and a unit of 12 Handguns.

Then your Spears + 10 Swordsmen as a detatchment.
Cannon + Hellblaster.

1,000 on the dot.

You will have a hard game but thats the best you can really do with those models.

Take down the Pegasus Knight ASAP. Hellblaster them.

16-04-2008, 03:26
Sorry, what do you mean by deploy wide? Deploy on an end of the field or deploy wide as in one line or a line of 6 or 7?

16-04-2008, 16:38
I think you're really in trouble as Bret all cav is one of the nastiest armies to face in the game IMHO. You're army has no fast stuff so you're going to have to sit back right from the start.

I'd personaly go for a combat approach to characters. Your mounted captain in full plate with say the Sword of Power stands a good chance of hacking down a couple of knights a turn in combat. I'd go for a Warrior Priest with Armour of Meteoric Armour and a great weapon as your second hero choice.

For unit choices I'd go for a nice deep block of Flagellants and a block of Spearmen for your opponant to aim his lances at (put the Warrior Priest in with the Spearmen). I'd place some of your handgunners (five) in support of your spearmen along with some swordmen (ten). To make things legal add a couple of free company to your Spearman unit (counting the models as spearmen) to fill out the unit size to 20. I'd then take the HBVG and the cannon. Add in a unit of ten handgunners and maybe a small unit of Free company to help with flanking.

My tactics would be to place the two block units in a centeral position with the HBVG as close to them as possible. Place the cannon centeraly as well to make it difficult for the Pegasus knights to get at both your warmachines. Use the handgunners and Free company to protect your flanks. Try to prevent him from 'ganging up' by getting off multiple charges on the same unit.

At the end of the day your shooting and being able to hold against his initial charge is what's going to be important. Hitting his knights with the HBVG, cannon and handgunners will be vital in the first turn as it will increase your chances of being able to take the impact of his knight units. Once they are bogged down in combat use your mobile units to get a flank charge on them.

You've still probably horribly lost though to be brutaly honest. He has enough units to afford to lose a couple through shooting and combat and still have plenty left with which to negate your flanking units.


16-04-2008, 22:54
Just a quick reply.My brother uses a combination of warrior priest in each unit (trying to make them unbreakable each turn) and the Rod Of Command. As I dont ever know what warrier priest has it, I take a gamble every time I charge, and if I dont break the units, I'm in trouble.

18-04-2008, 00:23
That's a ton of help from you, Kahadras! Makes me think of all kinds of options I didn't before.

There's a very good chance my ebay stuff should be in soon too (20 spearmen, 20 handgunners and another cannon) so I will have even MORE options... plus may pick up another box of swordsmen this weekend.