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the johnanator
16-04-2008, 08:32
Hey all

I was thinking of doing an empire army made up of warrior priests and fallegents (sorry about spelling.)

How would this play? Good in CC? What other units would fit this theme?
I am planning on doing 2k.

cheers johnanator

16-04-2008, 09:15
Hmm, well in 2k the most you can get is Arch Lector, 3 Priests and 3 Units of Flagellents, 1 core 2 rare.

Soo you would need at least 2 more core choices. I'd say Millita would be a good place to start, the local rabble roused by the Priests speeches, I don't know if the Sigmarite Temple has as much of a military wing as say the Priests of Morr do, but I don't think it would be to much of a stretch to make some Knights/Dismounted Knights (greatswords).

I think really your free to pick whatever you want as long as you stay away from warmachines. So the army can play however you want really, though yes it's probably going to mostly be Combat with Flagellents holding up units while your other things hit them in the side. :)

I've been designing a Morr army for the last few days so it's kind of similar, but then they have their own order of Knights so I'm focusing on that mostly. :D

16-04-2008, 10:07
Consider fielding a unit of 20-25 state troops, with two archer or combat detachments. You can then deploy these detachment in front of two flagellant units, thus blocking their line of sight and preventing a canny opponent baiting them due to frenzy.

Also the flaggies are going to be great at tarpitting, so some flankers are a must. There are some Sigmar orientated knightly orders out there so thats a good place to start (and they kicj butt with a priest attached). The Order of the Hammer of Sigmar might fit the bill, they can be seen here (http://uk.games-workshop.com/empire/knights-chapters/15/).

16-04-2008, 14:26
I run a list with 3x25 flagellants, 3x10 knights of Sigmar (count as White Wolf), 3x mounted Warrior Priests (1 in each knight unit), and 1x Archlector on War Altar.

+: I usually finish deploying first and have +1 to roll off for first turn choice
+: All of the units are very survivable
+: Theme, theme, theme
+: 7 DD
+: Psychology is a minor factor
+: 10 Bound spells/items makes for a very good magic phase

-: Limited flexibility
-: No dispel scrolls for that crucial spell-stop
-: No shooting or war machines
-: Somewhat boring to play, except against Demons/Undead when the very idea of such a force fighting the blasphemies is awesome.