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16-04-2008, 10:54
IoN heals D6 wounds on infantry but only 1 on for example vampires. If a vampire has joined an infantry unit and IoN is cast on that unit can then 1 wound be given to the vampire and the rest of the D6 wounds to the unit or would this require two casts of IoN one for the vampire and one for the unit?

16-04-2008, 13:05
I would say 2 casts to do that. The extra wounds from healing characters are lost.


16-04-2008, 13:12
I'm pretty sure it says you have to repair wounds on the character OR unit, don't have my book at the moment to check.

But even if it doesn't say that, i would say no, using common sense (i know, i know)

Lord Dan
16-04-2008, 14:19
You can't. About halfway through the second paragraph of IoN:

"Characters must be targeted seperated to benefit from this spell."

You can, however, do what you were describing by dividing wounds from the Summon Undead Horde spell.

16-04-2008, 14:19
As per the spell's description, characters must be targeted separately, even in a unit.

16-04-2008, 14:20
reread the spell it says clearly in it that "characters must be targeted separately to benefit from this spell"

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16-04-2008, 14:21
Yays for common sense!

16-04-2008, 15:30
From the spell description:

"Characters must be targeted seperately to benefit from this spell"

So, nope!

16-04-2008, 16:01
Oh, the shame....
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16-04-2008, 16:02
It says "multiwound rank and file models", which would apply to bat swarms & fellbats but not characters - especially - as people have said before, because it states you must target them separately.