View Full Version : Anyone Paying Brewhouse Bash

16-04-2008, 15:49
Im sorry to say ive just noticed it now, it seems like it would be good fun for a quick game, im going to get it printed off when i get some ink for my printer.

So is anyone else playing it, if so what do you think.

Im thinking bout making a different layout and ive got a few ideas about some house rules.

19-04-2008, 03:24
Brewhouse is awsome and really lends itself to house rules and whatnot, we have played a few trial runs with 1 random elf, that is more like one of the orks pets/prisoners that they let out of the cage then chase about the bar. We also experimented with goblin "teams"

The game Its a ton of fun. One of the guys at the gameshop we play at actually made a 3d board for it. We also talked about expanding rules so we could spill out into the streets and other buildings.

19-04-2008, 12:38
i never thought of expanding it into the streets, that is a cool idea

19-04-2008, 13:08
We are Full of Em