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16-04-2008, 17:30
I've just acquired one of these griffons (not the rider though)


I'm looking for a few suggestions as it's very small compared to the usual griffons. I was looking at using it as a great eagle but have a few problems.

Firstly It has a considerable amount of ridden components like the seat and headpiece. So to make it a rare choice great eagle I feel would require a fair bit of work removing those parts (I already have 2 great eagles)

The second option is to use it as a mount. The choice is betwen archmage and noble/prince (I already have a noble/prince on great eagle). Where to get a small elf rider is the main problem here.

So what is the general concensus. Rare choice great eagle (with rider parts removed) or as a mount and then any ideas where to get a small elf rider.

16-04-2008, 17:38
since you already have 2 great eagles you should make it as a mount

you could simply say it is a young griffon(hence the rules of an eagle)

16-04-2008, 17:40
For a small elf rider i've a couple of thoughts: 1) OOP marauder miniature perhaps, 2) Lotr mounted elf model as they are on a slightly smaller scale.
Good luck!

16-04-2008, 20:29
I wouldn't use a smaller than usual rider, since that will probably make the whole model look odd and out of place compared to the rest of your army.

Instead, it might be wise to go with some kind of not so powerfull and experienced elf, that is still training his young griffon. Jo, just keep it simple, and take a helmet in between the size of a normal warrior and the average hero... Maybe use a champion from some kind of unit?


If that's a normal cavalry base, it's not that small, is it?
If it is smaller, maybe even put it on a leash next to a model on foot?

16-04-2008, 21:08
It's not that small really, no. It'd make a fine Griffon and rider. If you really want, you could have it counts as a great eagle (with rider) but at the end of the day it's a griffon, so it would work best as a griffon...

16-04-2008, 21:26
So what is the general concensus. Rare choice great eagle (with rider parts removed) or as a mount and then any ideas where to get a small elf rider.

I'd say mount. As for a small elf rider, the old WE warhawks had elves sitting down who were unusually small. Maybe you could get one of those?

Ender Shadowkin
16-04-2008, 22:49
I had a different small grifin and used it to make an Empire War Altar.

17-04-2008, 11:23
It'll just fit on a standard cavalry base and is slightly smaller than the great eagles I have. I know it won't take any of the current mounted elf models (Plastic dragon mage/lord, any standard cavalry elf). Warhawk riders definitely sound like the right sort of thing as the old marauder riders are a bit tricky to find. Mount it is then, thanks.

17-04-2008, 15:20
That is not that much smaller. I have one and I use it as mount for an Empire General, plus it looks soooo Empire with the tassles and the crown and feather, my rider actually matches it.