View Full Version : my Army of Sylvanian warband.

14-10-2005, 06:59
Ok, with this list, I basically wanted to make something that'll be very interesting to play. Here we go:

-Great weapon, unbarded horse, flayed hauberk

5 Dire Wolves

8 Sylvanian Levy

1 Black Coach

1 Banshee

Basically the Thrall joins whatever squad he is needed. I decided to put him on a horse for flexibility in case he is needed to hit the flanks with the wolves. Otherwise he'll stay with the zombies and I'll let grave markers swell their numbers. Everything will first move at the same pace as the Black Coach and eventually everything will spread out. Preferably, Banshee may go ahead to wreak havoc. None of my opponents wield magic, so I'm not worried of the banshee getting hurt and the grave markers will not be contested. What do you guys think?