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18-04-2008, 14:36
The opposite of my Lizardman army i wanted to play brets for the combat, the cavalry and the shooting.

Below is my list, designed so that i could win games. Thoughts on it and what could do with being changed?

Lord:The Green Knight-275pts

Hero:Paladin w/Horse,Shield,Lance,Virtue of Confidence, Gantlet of the Duel-115pts
Hero:Paladin BSB w/Warbanner,Virtue of the Ideal, Horse-134pts
Hero:Paladin w/Horse, Virtue of Knightly Temper,Shield, Lance-120pts
Hero:Paladin General w/Horse,Shield,Virtue of the Joust,Lance of Artois-126pts

Character Total=770pts

Core: 8 Knights Errant w/ FC, Errantry Banner and attatched 'Duelist Paladin'-201pts
Core: 8 KotR w/FC, Banner of Chalons, General attatched-226pts
Core: 8 KotR w/FC, Knightly Temper Paladin attatched-214pts
Core: 8 KotR w/FC, BSB attatched- 214pts
Core: 3*10 Bowmen w/Braziers- 65pts ea

Core total= 1050pts

Rare: 2*Trebuchets-90pts ea

Rare total= 180pts

Army Total= 2000pts, no magic, 77 models.

Thoughts on the army and help will be gratefully recieved.

18-04-2008, 14:59
You will struggle against lizzies if there is a Slann, VC, Helves and most Magic heavies armies. You could also do with some Skirmishing archers, Braziers are a waste of points IMHO

Not a fan of the Green Knight, but if you want to field him do it. I go a little more character light than you (but that's me).

A very competative army that, sadly, will not gain you no friends. Tournament friendly though.

Bob the Butcher
18-04-2008, 21:00
This army is very small for a 2250pt army, with only 4 hammer units.

A gun line will be a problem, but then again most gun lines are.

I would use 2 Damsels (scroll Caddies 3 or 4 scrolls) in a 2250pt army otherwise the opponents magic will rip you apart. The Tomb Kings Casket of souls springs to mind here.

Bowmen are much better as skirmishers 10 for 70pts, drop the braziers.

Maybe drop one of the KOTR and have 2 small units of 6 Errant Knights no command, great as flankers or for drawing out fanatics. Also errant knights go impetuous, great vs Fear/Terror causing troops.

Another option is drop a KOTR and get a unit of Questing Knights who re-roll psychology tests.

The Green knight is the best special character the Bretts can take. Use him to tie up steam tank and take out organ guns, or other nasty artillery pieces. Otherwise use him to support a unit of knights. The downside is he can't be your armies general so your armies leadership is 8 at best which will cause problems when doing Fear &/or Terror tests.

Trebs will be good vs big blocks of infantry. Try to deploy them a long way apart from each other (one in each table quarter) otherwise they will become a target and an easy 180pts for your opponent.

18-04-2008, 21:35
Lots of High Armor values, no magic defense. Say hello to my little friend, Lore of Metal.

Also, even though mounted, with no infantry to act as an anvil, your cavalry will probably end up exposed for flank charges, plus you have nothing to defend your war machines with, an OK Gorger would really ruin your day (as well as rack up nearly 400 points from your archers and trebuchet).

Skaven, Undead, Orks and OK will be a major problem for you if they force you to charge their tar pits. Against another elite combat army, I'd say you'd be okay, but against most tournament armies, you're going to have a really rough time.

19-04-2008, 06:30
Ok so to sum up what people have said abovie- you think i should:
- Include Magic Defence
- Less points in characters
- Possible anvil unit
- Skirmishing Archers

What are good character builds?

I shall try and write a new list, which i shall post later which tryies to deal with this.

19-04-2008, 09:23
- Include Magic Defence?

Hell Yeah! Even 1 damsel with a couple of scrolls.

- - Less points in characters?

It's the way I go, Bretonnians have some of the best core choices in the game.

- - Possible anvil unit?

Some players will go for it some don't. I have seen MSU Bretonnians (no regiment more than 6) win tournaments all mounted just with lots of combined charges.

Or include some M@A's or pilgrims for static CR and then flanking with the knights. M@A's are some of the most underated and useful regiments in the game. 20 of mine led by an empathy paladin saw off 18 swordmasters (suffering from 'rubber sword' syndrome) and ran them down! I am experimenting with Pilgrims at the moment so I can't give a full account of their usefulness (but they look good on paper).

- What are good character builds?
What do you want? The character builds you have are all alright, there's just too many of them. I always have cheap characters that enhance the troops and don't die too quickly, but you can go all out.

Have a look at:


For alot of useful information.

19-04-2008, 10:12
Ok here is my new list, again is this better, what could be changed?

Lord: Bret Lord w/Grail Vow, Shield, Lance, Royal Pegasus, Virtue of Confidence, Gromril Great Helm-252pts

Hero: Paladin BSB w/Virtue of Discipline, Warbanner, in KotR unit-100pts
Hero: Damsel w/Horse, Scroll, in M@A unit-105pts
Hero: Damsel w/Scroll, Chalice of Malafleur, in Grail Reliquae unit-115pts

Character Total= 572pts

Core: 8 KotR w/FC- 216pts
Core: 9 KE w/FC,Errantry Banner- 221pts
Core: 9 KE w/FC, 201pts
Core: 6 KE w/Music-127pts
Core: 6 KE w/Music-127pts

Knights Total= 892pts

Core: 15 Peasant Bowmen w/Skirmish- 105pts
Core: 22 M@A w/ Music, Standard- 125pts
Special: Grail Reliquae w/ 11 additional Pilgrims- 217pts
Rare: Trebuchet- 90pts

Peasant Total= 537pts

Army Total= 2001pts, 4+1 DD, 2 DScrolls, 107 models

Tactics would see the Peasants in the middle acting as anvils, the bows going for targets of opportunity, the large knight units acting as hammer and the 6 man units acting as baiters, etc.

Thoughts, what should be changed?

19-04-2008, 11:28
Scary, looks alot like my army...

I have -1 damsel, +1 Empathy Paladin.

Build it, paint it and play it! See what works for you, it is a good start :D

Bob the Butcher
19-04-2008, 18:40
Paladin Builds

Lord Builds

Try to get your Peasant bows and M@A supporting your Knights and using their (Knights) Leadership.

The second list looks much more solid than the first. The Lord on the Pegasus won't be in a unit so may get Targeted by shooting. So he may be better off on a War Horse then he can lead a unit of Knights. This is personal preference.