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18-04-2008, 16:11
Hi there

Right i'v played 40k for years and have always had botched attempts at getting into fantasy. Ages ago I got a chaos army that was gonna be Slannesh themed but i never got round to doing it.

My mate has convinced me to give this swords and sheilds lark another go so I'm thinking of redeveloping it into perhaps an undivded list with a good mix of daemons and warriors.

I'v tried to write a list and I'm just tottally out of my depth as to what works in fantasy (no doubt will learn alot when i start playing) I know the rules at a basic level/pick it up quick due to general wargamming exp.

I just really wanted to get an idea as to what makes a good Hordes of chaos army, any pitfalls, any good combos, any units that are total rubbish etc. With the hopes of helping me contruct a list.

I am looking to do a 2000 and 3000pt army I have already unpainted:
30ish Warriors (swords and sheilds)
25ish Marauders (swords and sheilds)
25ish Gors/ungors mix
10 old steed of slannesh (used as hounds)
arachon on foot (used as normal lord)
various old school chaos heroes
40 Minotaurs (dont ask)
30 plague bearers
8 Bloodletters
7 nurgle bases
1 great unclean one
1 lord of change

I have a fairly disposable income so I can buy whatever is suggested.

I really want to include in the list alot of the plague bearers and the warriors and maybe the lord of change as I like the model, but he seems alot of pts.

I was thinking of leaning more on the daemonic side with the mortals as specials is this the best combo?

So any ideas/advice?

I noticed a thread about this just started, but didnt want to hijack it as I feel this thread is pretty geared towards my stuff.

18-04-2008, 18:26
i kno u said dnt ask but. WHERE DID U GET 40 MINOTAURS!!!

18-04-2008, 18:33
Now is a very bad time to start building a combined list. By that I mean daemons, mortals, and beasts all together. It looks like the armies are going to split into three seperate lists, and no-one really knows how, or even if, they are going to work together. The new mortals book is due out in November I believe, so you pretty much need to wait and see what's going to happen.

There is a white dwarf list due sometime in May or June that will give mortals something to work with in the mean time. However, you probably don't want to spend hundreds of dollars building an army that won't be playable in a couple of months. If you need to buy something now, I would probably invest in some knights since they are useful now, and probably will be in November. Not to mention the models are really cool.

19-04-2008, 04:13
hehe i left myself open to someone asking i guess. basically i used to work for gw years ago. believe it or not dead old packaged stock used to get chucked out. there was a big box of gubbins in this state of getting binned, it happend (amongst much other things) to include that many minotaurs.... i know lucky what!?

i'v noticed the whole transitional thiing that chaos it takin at the moment which troubles me somewhat, however the the 3k list i have come up with whist sorting models out is roughty, apologies i am wasted at 5am with me laptop in bed:

lord of change
250ish pt lord
150ish pt sorcerer
14 chosen, sword shields m-s-c
15 warriors 2 hand waepons m-s-c
25 mauraders, swords shields
25 plague bearers
10 hounds
10 hounds
4 minotaurs
5 nurgling bases

that roughtly a good list?

19-04-2008, 22:35
Do greater daemons have to be the general if they are in the army? Also, how are you going to work out the marks with your lord and sorcerer? I would imagine you'll keep the lord undivided, maybe a mark of nurgle for the sorcerer. Also, I usually run my hounds in groups of five or six, since getting a rank bonus with them really isn't that useful. They are far better for baiting and blocking than actual CR.

I would probably give shields to both chaos warrior units since they have a hard enough time making it across the board as is. I would also drop maybe 10 hounds and something else to try and work in some furies as they make great war machine hunters. You might want to try to squeeze in 5 or 6 chosen knights too, since they rock out with their **** out.

20-04-2008, 04:46
Ill go for a much more motal list in fnatasy with chaos sice i think daemon r too fragile and too expensive.it is good to have a few to cause fear and go around giving trouble but still personally i dont like them much. i say u need knights since they r so damn good in combat. ,abey more marauders to boost up ur number.
I am wondering do u wish for a more magical powered list or a more combating list or a combination of both?

20-04-2008, 06:02
Now would probably be a good time to mention that apparently the new WD states that the three chaos armies are now unable to be combined. Therefore it is probably wiser to pick the army you are most comfortable with and start building from there.

20-04-2008, 10:51
hmm i only read that the new daemon list was not cross mixable. Surely daemons will take some from in the new hordes book? much like in 40k. This would be silly if not.

I have the plague bearers and LOC in there as i love the models (old plague bearers) and also i really like the beastmen gors and ungors.

i'v written a propper list here if any of you want to comment:

20-04-2008, 11:39
I'd definately avoid mixing the armies if I was you. GW seem to want to limit taking in allies in all books from now on. One example is codex chaos SM and codex daemons book. Neither can units from each other. To add insult to injury, this is an extract from the new WD:

"Unlike the HoC book, there is no integrated system for using allies," he states. "You can't substitute part of you core allowance to get some chaos warriors instead. The book [daemons of chaos] has one self containted army list, as will all other [B]army books going forward[B/]."

So, with the units you have, you could quite easily do any (or all) three of the chaos armies. June's edition is going to have a new, official chaos army list in it acting as a get you buy before the new book in November so IMO, I'd leave Mortal until then, or do 1000/1500 list with troops that are likely to stay:

Exalted champion w/daemonic mount and Berserker sword
Aspiring champion w/great weapon and Helm of many eyes
Sorceror, lvl 1, 2 dispell scrolls.
25 Marauder w/light armour and shield, command (Asp. champion goes in here)
20 Chaos Warriors w/shields, command
5 Chosen Knights w/full command (chosen if you want. Rumoured to be a special choice in the new book. Exalted champion can either go in here, or you could seperate then on each flank, giving your opponents two nasty units to deal with).
1/2 Chariots (Also rumoured to becoming special)
5 Marauder w/flails and musician.
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
Maybe some Ogre Kingdoms mercenaries for some hard hittings until the new book.

Failing that, you have enough daemons to start a good, hardhitting army. Plaguebearers make great tarpits, and with plastic bloodletters and daemonettes, you could add to your core very quickly and cheaply. And who can resist bloodcrushers??? Also, if you fancied a beasts army, take a Doombull and Minotaurs become core, so you can fill that out fairly quickly (esp. since you have 40!) using small groups of them (3 to 4 per unit). Add in some centigor as fast cavalry, the obiligatory shaman or two and a shaggoth or giant and you'd pack one hell of a punch!