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18-04-2008, 17:09
I will be playing several games next week against different armies (i.e. Demons, VC, high Elfs, and Dwarfs) I am trying to make a list that will have a chance against them. I am planning on moving my forces forward and using my artillery as firing support, my handgunners and Helblaster to shoot anything coming from the flank. Ideas and critisim is always welcome.

General of the Empire, Shield, Dawn Armour, Sword of Sigismund, Ring of Volans, Warhorse; 204 pts

Battle Wizard, Level 2, Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll; 125 pts

Captain, BSB, Full Plate, Doomfire Ring, Sword of Justice; 133 pts

Warrior Priest, Great Weapon, Silver Horn, Sigil of Sigmar; 144 pts

30 Swordmen, Full Command, 10 Free Company Detachment; 255 pts

30 Swordmen, Full Command, 10 Free Company Detachment; 255 pts

10 Handgunners; 80 pts

16 Flagellant, Full Command; 170 pts

2 Great Cannons; 200pts

9 Inner Circle Knights, Full Command, Banner of the Daemonslayer; 324 pts

Helblaster Volley Gun; 110 pts

18-04-2008, 17:18
I like it. Very similar set up to how I run my Current Dark Elf list (2 blocks of troops and a big **** off unit of knights. The only think I see being a problem is fast cavalry. Unless you plan on keeping your Hellblaster up the hill with your cannons, then it might not have Line of sight to them as they march block your units.