View Full Version : 'Ard Boyz list, need advice before tomorrow!

18-04-2008, 19:34
Here's the list. I switched out my warboss to Grimgor Ironhide at the last minute, simply because my fellow local players are already crowing about Tzeentch Lords on Dragons, War Altars, and every other conceivable giant killy character. So I've got...Grimgor. Incidentally, I expect every smart opponent to get the heck out of his front arc and hit his unit in the side and every enemy fast cavalry unit to send my other warboss into the trees. But that's part of the fun, right? WAAAAAAGH!!!

3500 point Orcs n Gobbos

General: Grimgor Ironhide- 375 points

Lord: Orc Warboss w/ Shagga's Screamin sword, light armor, shield, Best Boss 'At, Guzzla's Battle Brew, Wyvern: 421 points

Hero: Black orc Bigboss w/ BSB, Mork's spirit totem, Boar, 'eavy armour: 180 points

Hero: Night Goblin Shaman w/ 2 dispel scrolls: 100 points

Hero: Goblin Shaman w/ 2 dispel scrolls, chariot: 165 points

Hero: Orc Bigboss w/ Shield, light armor, sword of might, chariot: 164 points

Core: 2x5 wolf riders w/ spears, musician, bows: 76 points each

Core: 2x5 Spider Riders w/ spears, musician: 71 points each

Core: 30 orcs w/ full command: 210 points

Core: 30 orcs w/ full command: 210 points

Core: 21 Night Goblins w/ 2 fanatics, musician: 117 points

Special: 20 Black Orcs w/ standard, musician, shields, banner of butchery: 323 points

Special: 12 Savage Boarboyz w/ standard, musician, spears, shields, War Banner: 346 points

Special: Boar Chariot: 80 points

Special: Boar Chariot: 80 points

Special: 2 spear chukkas: 70 points

Rare: Doom Diver: 80 points

Rare: Doom Diver: 80 points

Rare: Giant: 205 points

That's it... Any last minute changes you would make. This is pretty much everything I own, so I don't have the time and money to put in any new units.

19-04-2008, 06:32
I hope you have enough movement trays lol. Anyways this is a pretty solid list. Instead of the orc bigboss, use an orc shaman for that awesome orcy magic. Lastly, consider another unit of 20-25 night goblins with 2-3 fanatics.