View Full Version : Goblin Secret weapons = deadly!

18-04-2008, 22:20
Just played a game against a mate with a goblin team -

man those secret weapons are killer!

After I opened the scoring (human team) He set up a chainsaw loony and fanatic on the LOS - I had 6 players in the dead/injured box by the end of the drive - OUCH!

I've never thought much of goblins but the secret weapons are mental!


18-04-2008, 22:57
Yep, they are.

At the first tournament at my local store one guy played a Goblin team heavy with secret weapons. Between a fanatic, a chainsaw wielding gobbo and three trolls (one starplayer) they didn't have any problems beating up my Orcs.
The drawbacks of the secret weapons seem crippling on paper, but somehow they weren't a hinderance for him at all.

18-04-2008, 23:02
Which is why i play a pure old school goblin team. 14 goblins and 2 trolls...thats it. Leave the secret weapons to the star players...now every goblin team in the old worlds got a local chainsaw, iron ball and bomb shop. :(

That said if I get the urge to do some converting I might make a new style team. :p

19-04-2008, 16:50
they are even better if you get lots of inducements, spend them all on bribes :evilgrin:

20-04-2008, 18:28
It was mad I tell you, The fanatic on the LOS took out 3-4 players, either KO or cas, and the chainsaw chap accounted for another few. It cost him two players sent off, but got him a TD as I had so few players left to pop his cage. Nasty but really good fun!