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Tonberry King
18-04-2008, 22:33
Drycha 355pts

Spellweaver (Lvl 4 Wizard, Glamourweave Kindred, Unicorn, Crystal Mere, Hail of Doom Arrow) 395pts

Branchwraith (Lvl 1 Wizard, An Annoyance of Netlings) 140pts

Branchwraith (Lvl 1 Wizard, A Pageant of Shrikes) 140pts

Branchwraith (Lvl 1 Wizard, A Murder of Spites) 140pts

Dryads x 9 120pts (Drycha)

Dryads x 9 120pts (Branchwraith)

Dryads x 9 120pts (Branchwraith)

Dryads x 9 120pts (Branchwraith)

Treekin x 4 260pts

Treekin x 4 260pts

Wild Riders x 6 156pts

Wild Riders x 6 156pts

Treeman 285pts

Treeman 285pts

3004pts (Oh noes, 4 points over!)

Think I can go toe-to-toe with anyone with this list? Is it cheesy, broken or is it somewhat lame and booring? I want feedback! Let loose. I might need to explain the theme for the army here. I find the whole mad Treeman Coeddill and his banishment to Wildwood very interesting and even more so by the fact that Drycha is sort of doing his bidding and is not only distrustfull of all non-forest spirits but rather hatefull. Let's face it, the forest spirits are the coolest thing about the wood elves, actually I could care less about those long eared wannabee Robin Hoods. This list is all about the true creatures of loren.

Oh and since I sort of dislike treekin and treemen I will convert or find suitable other models to use (found a few allready) as I will probably not be going to a GT with this army anytime soon (silly rule about only Citadel miniatures btw...).

Treekin will probably be converted with a Dryad fused with dead tree-trunks to give it some bulk, some guy on coolminiornot actually had made some that looked pretty nice so I think i will go with that unless I find other suitable models. As for the Treemen I found two adorable pieces to use, one is the TreeWoman by Ultraforge Miniatures and the other one is the Dryad princess by Enigma Miniatures. They will look rather nice in this all female spirit list.

The Wild Riders will be Mounted Daemonettes with a bit of converting with Dryad bits, I sort of like the steeds look as spirit steeds (functioning as elven steeds of course) so Im content with using 'em. Lastly, the Spellweaver will be a fairymodel I found that will be squatting on the Unicorn from the Bretonnia range of miniatures, cut of that damn damsel ^^
Anyway that's it, feel free to come with advice on modeling as well!

19-04-2008, 03:24
Other than the fact that I have no idea how a 3000 point game works, and I've only ever played up to 2000 points, only twice at that, I've got to say I like the list.

The only thing I'm wary of is that you have 0 dispel scrolls, and I would take one of those in favor of the Stone of the Crystal Mere, putting you under the points limit. After all, you don't want your Treemen getting Pit of Shades'd, or maybe you do; I've never seen it happen, and it would be pretty cool.

With the Treekin in the center, enclosed by Treemen, Enclosed by dryads, Enclosed by Wild riders, you've got a pretty cool pincer formation there, where the Wild Riders help the Dryads by flanking, and the Treemen the Treekin, if that's necessary.

Don't really know how effective it would be, but the balance of the actual forces pleases me, along with the cool theme.

I'd love to see some 'evil' colors on the forest spirits. Really bright, acid like green would work great with black for the bark, with maybe some purple leaves.

I also put in a vote for the Ultraforge TreeWoman. That thing is beautiful and really adds to the all female forest spirit look.

19-04-2008, 05:11
I like it. I have a heavily converted all female list of Slaanesh corrupted wood elves (the glade guard have beastman legs and WE bodies, the wild riders are horned female centars) so I dig the theme. The only problem I see is the spell weaver on the unicorn, she is either going to have a target painted on her or she will be in a unit you will want to have in combat - personally I would drop her and go defensive on the magic. WE magic isn't that great anyway. Let us know when you get a chance to try it out.

19-04-2008, 10:27
I have a 2000pt Tree spirit army and one of the things you've got to be aware of are magic missiles, these can cause havoc with your dryads (no ward save vs magic).

I'm not that keen on the Treekin figures either; I use the old treeman as Treekin, with the swamp construct (can't remember it's name!) from the Albion campaign as the unit champion.

For Wild Riders I just field the horses, without anything on their backs. They are all white and pale green and spectral looking.

Tonberry King
19-04-2008, 11:37
Great to see some comments! As you guys actually stated Magic is the bane of this army even though I think I have a pretty solid store of dispell dice to use on the spells that threaten me most. Regarding the Spellweaver and her being an easy picking for the enemy is true but she will have a M10 mount with three wounds and they both have a 3+ ward save untill they fail the first save (revets back to 5+ spirit save). I can somewhat agree on the magic of the wood elves not really being the best out there and she is rather expensive pointwise. Really feel in love with the thought of a fairy sitting in the back of a Unicorn, that's atually the main reason for her. What would you recommend instead?

Tonberry King
21-04-2008, 12:08
Might be good to point out that the Spellweaver will be using The Lore of Life, not the Lore of Athel Loren. Gives me the opportunity to outmanouvere my oppenent, restore wounds on treekin and treemen, harass shooters and play with forests (which I can move around with all the tree-singing) and hills to cause some minor damage.