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19-04-2008, 01:28
Hey Warseer. I though this would be a fun an interesting idea for a new thread...

I was wondering, what's the beastiest, LEGAL, non-named character build you can make form your army book or have seen used?

By this I mean in the army list section under Lords (or even characters), choosing one and maxing it out with magic items, mounts etc.

This is what I came up with, from Armies: Beasts of Chaos

Chaos Beastlord (95)
Makr of Tzeench (140) - Level 4 Sorcerer :)
Chaos Armour (10) - Amour Save Now 4+
Slaughterers Blade (40) - Treats all Attacks as Great Weapon Attacks (S7) and for every wound caused by the character, on a 4+ heals 1 lost wound.
Crown of Horns (30) - 5+ Ward Save

Sneaky Tactic: As a lvl 4 caster, can cast "Orange Flames" on itself (remains in play) from the lore of Tzeench allowing him to reroll any failed:
a) Armour Saves (already 4+ tho, with a ward save and slaughters blade)
b) Failed Rolls to Hit (WS 6)
c) Failed Rolls to Wound (S7)

He costs 315 pts... :cheese:

So Warseer, What can you come up with?


19-04-2008, 01:36
Vamp lord bears anger
Infinite hatred
Red fury
Avatar of death
Flayed hauberk
Some 4+ or 5+ ward item
Talisman of the lyceni

So....7st7 attacks, at ws7, re-rolling missed attacks, and getting extra attacks per successful wound.
Also generates +1 to combat res, 2+ armour save 4+/5+ ward and he's t6

Costs erm....
About 400points?
But he'll kill prettymuch anything, and then proceed to ignore any damage he takes.

19-04-2008, 01:43
A classic one...
Saurus oldblood with two blessed spawnings, sotek and quetzl. Scimitar of the sun resplendent and the maiming shield.
you get 7 WS6 S5 attacks with T5 and 2+ AS... for only about 260 P
Oh yeah, the Charm of the jaguar warrior makes him M9... for another 20 P

Hrogoff the Destructor
19-04-2008, 01:53
Heavy Armour (6)
Chaos Armour (10) - Amour Save Now 2+

You can't have heavy armor and chaos armor on at the same time.

19-04-2008, 01:57
btw. what's the point in making a poll where you can only vote for 12 of 14 (16 if you include chaos dwarfs and dogs of war) armies?

19-04-2008, 01:59
I thought once you use Bears Angery you can wield or benafit form weapons and armour or shields?

19-04-2008, 03:37
I love the nastiness you can make out of Bretonnian lords. They can wreck most anything on the charge.

Say, Virtue of the Joust, Lance of Artois and that armour that lets you re-roll ones to wound.....plus of course shield and barded horse and Grail vow. Stick him in a unit of Knights and there's nothing he won't wreck, and very few characters he won't total.

19-04-2008, 05:00
btw. what's the point in making a poll where you can only vote for 12 of 14 (16 if you include chaos dwarfs and dogs of war) armies?

I only gave 10 choices as the poll set up allows up to 10. I origionally grouped the armies of "men" together but they both play very differently from each other. In the end I decided that the elves were all fundamentally the same, just with varying playing styles and options. So I just grouped the elves.

I would have put more options if it allowed me...;)


Sephtar II
19-04-2008, 08:08
I agree with rob-bot on the saurus lors, I have used that fellow a few times and it is just evil.

Also the great 2nd generation slann with the plaque of dominion, plaque of tepok and diadem of power.

Unfortunatly there are no Lizardmen on the list of options:confused:

19-04-2008, 08:43
Beastlord, Mark of Tzeentch, The Goretooth, Armour of Tortured Souls, Gaze of the Gods

This fella has 7 Attacks at S7 with Hatred, and Toughness 6 to boot, while the bears anger is active. Pretty nasty IMO. ;)

Jack of Blades
19-04-2008, 09:44
Sure, my combo needs a BSB and another Vampire, but still... this combo is so hard you probably won't find something to match it:

Vampire Lord

Black Periapt
Crown of the Damned
Hand of Dust
Red Fury
Forbidden Lore; Lore of Fire

AND a Wight King BSB in the same unit with the Drakenhof Banner, and a Vampire with Lore of Heavens (and preferably 2 Power Stones).

This guy has a 4+ Ward Save and if that fails, he's got Regeneration. Then he's got a Bound-3 2D6 S5 shooting hits, gets one more attack for each unsaved wound he causes. Unless modified (contrary to popular belief, FSoR doesn't make you always hit on 2+, it adds modifiers until you hit on 2+, and then you can receive negative modifiers), this guy will hit on 2+ and strike at S8 with 5 attacks to start with.

If the other Vampire gets Portent of Far and he gets Flaming Sword of Rhuin off, he's pretty much guaranteed to cause 10 wounds. Then he's practically impossible to kill unless you've got flaming attacks. Couple that with a potential 2D6 S5 shooting hits which also benefit from Portent of Far, and you're looking at around 15 wounds. Oh, and did I mention he's practically impossible to kill?

19-04-2008, 10:58
Two words: War Altar!

I give my Arch-Lector the Mace of Helstrum (1 S10 attack causing D6 wounds). It went on a duel with an other war altar and succeded to cause nothing in 3 or 4 turns of hammer-of-doom wielding... with rerolls to hit on first turn and rerolls to hit AND wound on turn 3... Other than that it's been pretty effective in all my games.

19-04-2008, 12:15
vc have some good heroes but if you had put daemons of chaos then i bet it would have the highest poll. i looked at the book today and even basic cores have powers vampire lords could only dream of, or pay a large price for in terms of magic items etc

19-04-2008, 12:27
Vampire lord on zombie dragon
accursed armor
black periapt
dread lance
red fury
walking death
level 3 mage
730 pts

Pretty beastly. Though I wouldn't even think of taking this guy in anything under 3k pts.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
19-04-2008, 12:30
Chaos Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Shield, Blade of Blood, Pendant of Slaanesh, and Crimson Armour of Dargan.

I think you'll find I can take anyone and anything with this little beauty, and not only walk away unscathed, but with more attacks to boot.

19-04-2008, 12:40
let's assume that there are no spells in play, it's somewhat unfair when you assume you've got bears anger or some other stat boosting spell....

I think there is no single character who can go toe to toe with the great unclean one from the new daemon book, equipped with trappings of nurgle, noxious vapurs and the gift that forces a toughness test with every wound suffered.....

ok he's only WS4 and 4A but he has Strength and toughness 6, 10 wounds, a 4+ armour save, 5+ward and 4+ regeneration, you always strike last against him and every successful wound caused requires a toughness test or suffer a wound with no armour save....

I wont even mention the fact that he will have a spell which reduces WS S T I and A to 1 of any model in base contact with him.....

he also comes with a flail, so in the first round of combat, say goodbye to any armour saves..... one on one, I reckon he's up there with the toughest!

19-04-2008, 17:50
Why cant we vote for lizards :S

19-04-2008, 18:05
Chaos Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Shield, Blade of Blood, Pendant of Slaanesh, and Crimson Armour of Dargan.

Don't you mean Armour of Damnation?

May not be the toughest but:
Druchii Anointed:
lvl2 sorcerer
Chaos armor, steed of slaanesh, shield, Gauntlet of power, quickening blood

Kicks ****.

19-04-2008, 18:27
Dwarf Lord, with Great Weapon, Shield Bearer, Master Rune of Steel, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Spite.

Unit Strength 3 so immune to Killing blow, any attack against the Lord greater than strength 5 counts as strength 5, re-rollable 1+ save, so in most cases I'll have a 3+ re-rollable armour save, with a 4+ Ward save just in case.
2 WS5 S 4 attacks, and 4 WS7 S 6 attacks.

Costs 301pts.

Not much can hurt him, place him in a unit of Hammerers and just laugh as everything the opponent sends at the unit bounces off!

19-04-2008, 19:20
lol seriously , ok vc are pretty good but arnt you forgetting someone?


also have you seen some of the new deamon characters / lords / heroes ? no i doubt it because they are very mean

herald of nurgle has regeneration + loads of crap, bloodeltters, deamonettes loads of basic units are very powerful capable of havoc. in a few months after deamons of chaos are released then the word plaguebearer will strike fear into anyone , i guarenty it

19-04-2008, 19:22
i agree with the dude with a clown as his display pic

i saw the new deamons today and they have some ********** bloody good characters, especially great unclean one and bloodthirster

19-04-2008, 19:29
I voted for the O & G because they have the most cost-effective characters that will not be so expensive to detract from the rest of the army.

19-04-2008, 19:31
i also agree with jack ( why am i agreeing with everyone! )

o and g characters are really worth there points however i prefer a great hulking , filthy, spawned , twisted deamon!