View Full Version : The Warhammer Open

Bubble Ghost
14-10-2005, 14:45
Just a brief bit of fun. I was reminded the other day of something we came with up a few years ago when I was working in a GW store for a particularly quiet veterans' night - a Warhammer golf game. Naturally it isn't very serious. I typed it up and hosted it on my long-forgotten Inquisitor site, and then forgot all about it until recently. But anyway, here it is in case you've got nothing better to do. It'll take you about as long to read it as we took developing it.


Hideous Loon
14-10-2005, 19:41
Amusing, even though I can only really see it played in country-clubs when it's raining. Nice concept, well put together, and the Cheating thingy was just hilarious!

14-10-2005, 19:44
You loser...