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Mad Doc Grotsnik
20-04-2008, 13:19
I'm thinking of writing an article for Firebase akin to the one I scribbled out for The Watchman, which was on the joys of playing in a campaign.

However, I wanted to test the waters and see who enjoys such things?

I'd like to hear about your experiences, good and bad about partaking in them. Perhaps you find the idea of running one a bit daunting? Help me to target the article to the areas most needed!

20-04-2008, 13:42
I absolutely love narative campaigns, it makes playing the campaign something far more enjoyable then when it's just army A attacks army B at fortress 3 for reasin C12.
You can add fluff to your own army by taking part in these campaigns, create new characters and a lot of other stuff.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
20-04-2008, 13:44
So what do you include? I like to go for the whole gamut, even including BFG and Epic, should the armies match up like.

Templar Ben
20-04-2008, 14:03
I enjoyed your article. One can still order the blister pack for Mighty Empires even after the shake up, fyi. I think it would be interesting to discuss ways of incorporating ME for 40K. I know I have done that and have given other options (much like Dark Crusade where the Space Ports will allow you to strike non adjacent tiles). I have also used rules for supply chains and rolls to see if causalities recover to see if units are again combat effective after the battle. I found that has the most significant impact on play style. For instance if you are fairly certain you will not win the battle you will not throw wave after wave of men into the breech. Some people like that style of play but unless you have a huge force to pull from then it makes little sense.

For army markers, we found that using model from Epic to be perfect. Once you build an army it is a static list without a transfer from one army to another and we made some rules for how to handle to transfers. That allows one to change armies to some extent during the campaign but there is some risk and some strategy involved.

We only play 28mm.

20-04-2008, 14:39
I just finished a narrative campaign recently, SM/SOB vs Renegades/CSM. It included a story that progressed with the campaign, and rules for a new item, custom scenarios and special characters (using Creed and Kell's rules to represent a corrupt Governor and his bodyguard for a IA5 Renegade force, a Greater Daemon using the adversaries rules, a special Daemon Prince character who was the "end boss" for the campaign). It was a lot of fun and made the experience that much better.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
20-04-2008, 20:40
Sounds pretty cool matey...

You know, sod it, I'm just going to write the ******* article. I think I'll avoid making it a campaign in itself, so much as a variety of ideas of how to keep your players on their toes, and include people of all army size and experience...

Hmmmm....Got some spanky ideas already.