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21-04-2008, 00:35
While I was on the topic but since the other thread was pretty much filled out, I just wanted to say that I think that my main beef with the Characters in W40k is that they don't really play the part of a leader, merely a really good fighter. I think that a character such as one like Commissar Yarrick shouldn't have to be outfitted with mechanical augments to make a good choice in an army but he should positively effect the units around him and I think the only two army lists that have really hit home with this concept are the Tau empire and the Tyranid codecies. In the modern military ranks aren't appointed to those who are better at killing but those who are better at leading and, by extension, making their troops more effective in combat. I know that there is a rule that exists already in 4th edition where the troops around a leader gain his leadership value but that only does so much in combat (especially if you are guard).

I think in general I'm hoping for the roles of troops and HQ units to be made more center stage in 5th edition just because taking two 5 man squads of scouts is a terrible cop out and wars are won of the backs of the common infantry man (can you tell that I'm guard player?).

21-04-2008, 01:25
The IG commander is great, he gives those around him his leadership (it's an IG rule, not a general 40K rule). Remember, the rule allows you to use the commander's leadership. if you want them to fail a check, take it on their leadership 7 (probably less, they're liable to be under 50% or outnumbered), if you want them to pass, use the commander with his commissar buddy and Iron discipline ;).

Ork commanders do all manner of great things for their army, from protecting them from enemy fire, to making them fearless for two whole player turns, to allowing you to take even more over the top and dangerous units in even larger quantities.

Space Marine commanders give the entire army their leadership regardless of proximity (chaplains and librarians are not so much leaders, they function more as advisors and specialized unit commanders).

Eldar Farseers are constantly boosting the abilities and survivability of the squads around them.

Necron lords help to bring their soldiers back from the dead.

An option that a normal dark Eldar commander offers allows you to bring and entire army of elite shock troopers.

The only armies that don't have a commander that explicitly benefits the army through organization or on the field, non combat benefits, are inquisition, and Chaos.

21-04-2008, 03:31
I'll grant that there are some good attributes that the leaders grant to their armies but overall It still seems that you would be more attracted to their stat-line than anything else. I don't know about you but that's the first thing that I'm drawn to with commanders and it should be more about aiding the troops

22-04-2008, 11:59
Well, from a BA point of view.

Dante = gives those around him his leadership. Grants units within a certain radius prefered enemy (which in 5th could be 'mazing). The ability to upgrade banner to give +1 attack to everyone in the squad. Reduces enemys WS/BS by -1 whilst within a certain radius. Go team player. Coupled with the fact he's not too shabby himself. A bargain for 200pts (especially in 5th).

Corbulo = grants units Furious Charge. The ability to save a marine through him being an Apothecary. Controls DC.

Any Chaplain = Controls DC. Makes the unit he is with Fearless. Grants the unit the ability to re-roll on the charge.

22-04-2008, 12:12
The only armies that don't have a commander that explicitly benefits the army through organization or on the field, non combat benefits, are inquisition, and Chaos.

Actually, witchhunters characters can be tooled up to give some pretty nice benefits -

Cannoness/Palatine - extra faith points; with the Book Of St Lucius any friendly models (not just sisters) can use their leadership; option to have a banner in the honour guard (who already have universal hatred...). And don't forget that any sisters vehicle can be given a holy icon, adding +1 to the Ld of nearby units...

Inquisitor - Inquisitorial Mandate (need I say more)

Priest - same combat boosts as a marine chaplain, plus access to the WH armoury for book of St Lucius etc.

I agree DH characters don't have the same range of supporting abilities, being more focused on righteously smiting the enemy. It remains to be seen what will happen with alien hunters/the rumoured Codex: Inquisition

inquisitor solarris
22-04-2008, 13:27
Ezekiel can work as a good morale holder (Book of Salvations-everyone within 12 is fearless) but then with chaos IMO they don't think like that they think go into the battle and make the gods proud rather then wasting their time standing behind their forces.