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Gromm Hellscream
21-04-2008, 01:34
Me and some friends developed a couple of rules for TITANIC games that I thought i would post so you can all play closure battles

Defenition of closure Battle: The very last battle for a planet which has exhausted one army severly damaged.

To Start: Both players roll D6. highest roller can use 2000 points lowest roller uses 1000 points, (1500 if allowed by the opponent). Roll for sides and deployment as regular

Restrictions!! Only 1 transport vehicle per army and HQs are limited to 1 and MAY NOT be special charachters.NO MORE than 2 Squads of Fast Attack units.2 Heavy Support Choices may be chosen by lowest roller, highest roller is allowed 3 Heavy Support choices. No Reserves, No Deepstriking.

SPECIAL RULES!! All Fast Attacks follow Hit&Run Rules.There are no armour saves in close combat(this does not include invulnrebale). Flamers may be shot in close combat.All troops are fearless in closure. Any and All monstorus creatures are always top prioritys(meaning all units must shoot at it if its within firing range) Your opponent may roll 3d6 on youre shooting phase if all 3 dice are a 6 your opponent can move and shoot with all heavy weapons. If they fail to make all sixes then they shall take a perils of the warp check and a pinning test on all units, this overides psychich hoods, gothic hoods and fearless.

There is no consolidation after combat if any troops were lost

ill be back with more when i have the time to finish my post have fun and play safely(please give me feedback too)

EDIT: all vehicles are treated as having extra armour. Vehicles such as laindraiders and monoliths are limited to 1. Its a known fact that eving a space marine can die if its making to many saves so figures are dead after being shot 6 times so keep track of whos been shot

Note:landraider crusaders are not allowed period, end of disscusion, this game also does not follow" what im seeing is what u have " .as long as you can provide fluff ,for instance your crusader is just a normal landraider there was a parts mix up and the missles dont eving work, or My grenade launcher is actually a proto-type missle launcher. if its on ur list, and u have fluff then ur the proud owner of a figure that u dont gots.

21-04-2008, 01:51
Thats a lot of extra rules... Just a tip, when posting several rules like this try bulletpoints or single line spacing. What races did you try it with? All troops being Fearless could be very good for some armies.

Some of those rules do sound game breaking though to be honest.

Gromm Hellscream
21-04-2008, 01:54
i done it with about everything except for dark eldar and the sisters of battler the rules seem like there ball bustin but we all agreed on them and it worked out fine there twas no fightin involved

Templar Ben
21-04-2008, 01:58
Well that is all that matters really.

21-04-2008, 04:32
You should remove the MC must be targeted rule. An eldar/nid player can march his wraithlord/fex forwards and suddenly my 100+ guardsmens HAVE to fire at a target they can't even hurt...

21-04-2008, 06:41
Tbh, the rules set doesn't look like its very well considered but if its what you both agree on knock yourselves out.

21-04-2008, 09:16
Dare I ask why you're doing this?