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21-04-2008, 02:47
Ok, we all do it... forget a item, phase, ability and we always kick ourselves. Today i forgot a unit of miners until turn five... now due to some bad dice rolling that may have bee unavoidable but still i would have liked to try right?!

So aside from just not being a goober and forgetting how do you guys keep track of your ace in the holes? How do you remind yourself of a trick you have with out giving away the advantage of surprise?

21-04-2008, 03:07
Write a note.

Seriously, write a note and leave it out in the open to remind yourself about the big things.

Like yah know, that the magic phase comes before shooting and that you really need to dispel that High Magic spell that causes increasingly higher strength attacks against one of your units.

Gods do I hate forgetting about my magic phase...

21-04-2008, 03:23
The Screaming Bell certainly isn't worth 200 pts when you forget the MR2 and ringing the damn thing for 3 turns. Note to self... write a note!

Lord Dan
21-04-2008, 03:32
I usually have notes on my army lists that say things like: "+2 PD, +1 A", etc. I then usually do a quick list check at the beginning of each turn and make a mental note of what needs to be done.

21-04-2008, 04:56
Everybody does it once in a while. As others have said, write it in steps on the back of your army list. It might sound kind of retarded but can really spare you at times.

Simple example of what mine might be...

Role for Tomb Scorpions and Swarms ICFB

1. Declare all charges, check that you aren't forgetting a unit and then move
2. Move normally but before moving to magic again, double check yourself. Did I remember all those special movement nick nacks like fast cav reforms and such?

The entire Hieratic Hierarchy for the Tomb King army list. (If TK players screw this one up it can be really painful!)
Remember those bound spell items.

Remember what I guessed for my catapults last turn and if the current target moved and how far they moved if so.
Guess for scatterpults before anything else.
Did I remember to fire the bows on my light chariots?

Chariot impact hits before anything else in a fight.
Evil smile/laughter when the enemy auto-break due to fear causing troops.

You can always write it down then record yourself reading it out loud. When you go to sleep turn it on and put it in your ear. You'll remember the list...and probably go insane

21-04-2008, 05:04
Battle Plan cheat sheet. :D

Or as others have said - write a note. :p

21-04-2008, 12:44
I used to joke that I was going to paint the word "hatred" on the back of my banner of burning hatred because I always forgot about it.

I'm currently in the process of making markers for various spell & psych effects, special abilities, etc. so I can drop them next to the units/characters but have them look like they are part of the battle.

21-04-2008, 12:57
just write a note and play enought times forgetting it then after some time being angry for forgetting it, it might be easier to remember:D

21-04-2008, 14:57
Happends all the time that I or my opponent accidentaly switch places on the magic and shooting phase, doesnt matter though, a friendly player will always allow the opponent to "reverse time" just abit in case something important has been forgotten.

21-04-2008, 16:32
Counters are always good!

Other than that... yeah, a biro and a pocket notepad never leave my side during games.

21-04-2008, 17:13
My problem is bound spells. In my last game I forgot to use my arch lector's prayers in 3 of total 4 turns played and my wizard's doomfire ring was totally forgotten. :(

Maybe I should just learn to be patient and not rush to the shooting phase (my empire army is quite shooty).

21-04-2008, 17:28
As far as items or spell effects I like the glass stones or whatever. For forgetting whole pahses, well that's rough. Hopefully you have a good opponent who lets you go back and shoot with that unit you forgot or use that item. For us we spend so much time talking about whatever else that we invariably forget something, so we understand. As long as it is possible to actually go back.

Worst thing I've done recently was moving a saurus oldblood of doom behind a tree like turn 1 to charge some bretts and then forgetting about him until they chased the slann unit past him in like turn 4. That was sad.

21-04-2008, 17:56
Yep... Forgot my Maneater was Immune to Psychology so he and the Butcher attached to his unit ended up running off the board when a unit of bulls fled through them. That pretty much cost me the game as it was 500 points Warband rules and there went more than half my army in two units. :)

I have started writing more detailed notes and will also write up a checklist/notes for myself to go through.
Begining of turn: Gnoblars Bicker
Movement: Remember Longstrider on Tyrant in case he wishes to charge out of unit.
Magic: One Scroll. Bangstick. Burk has Skullmantle so -1 on Ld test for foes.
Ranged: Scraplauncher is Move and Shoot. Guess range on Scarplauncher FIRST! Gnoblars - Sharp Stuff.
Combat: Yhetees give foes -1 WS,

Just a mock up of the types of things I note for myself. Writing what happened down is a good way to remember because it orders things and helps you notice you missed something AND write a note to remind you next turn. ;)

I also use various colored glass beads for counters. Green for Trollguts, blue for Toothcracker, and red for Bullgorger.

I'll also have a bunch of smaller dice for tracking CR as the close combat happens marking up the wounds and then adding in the various other factors at the end. This makes it easier to calculate CR. 4 wounds from the Tyrant, 1 from those Bulls and 2 from the Ironguts so 7. You did 2 in turn. I have no ranks and put a US 9 unit in your flank so you have none. I am in your Flank so 8, you out number me, so 3. You have a banner, so 4. I beat you by 4. It beats fingers and that way we go step by step through each of the possible modifiers as we turn the die.

I've been looking at the various counters for sale and I believe they would be GREAT! I'm thinking of making a few cardstock ones in the meantime as I really like the charge counter which is an arrow so you can put it near the unit that is charging and point it towards the unit being charged. It also has a number on it so you know the order of declared charges.

All these little things help.

21-04-2008, 19:42
I love the glass counters for combat resolution. It makes it so much easier. One pile for me and one for the enemy. Say he has 6 and I have 4 take 4 from his pile. At the end of the turn whoever has stones left next to it has won combat by that much and the enemy breaks by, in this example 2. IT has worked so much better then the finger counting over and over or setting down a die and then forgetting and picking it up to roll in the next combat.

21-04-2008, 19:48
I love the glass counters for combat resolution. It makes it so much easier. One pile for me and one for the enemy. Say he has 6 and I have 4 take 4 from his pile. At the end of the turn whoever has stones left next to it has won combat by that much and the enemy breaks by, in this example 2. IT has worked so much better then the finger counting over and over or setting down a die and then forgetting and picking it up to roll in the next combat.

Another nice way. BTW, the dice I use for tracking CR looks nothing like the dice I roll. In fact a D10 or D12 works better than a D6 anyway as it IS possible to generate that much CR, just not likely.

21-04-2008, 21:10
I usualy try to pick out one major mistake a game to concentrate on. I make sure I eliminate this one problem before moving on and sorting out another. One major one was to get overconfident with my Pistoliers. Nowadays I always note this to myself when I deploy the unit and whenever I move it.

Normaly I try to cut down on other problems by having the rulebook/armies book/army list close at hand and make sure to double check things.


21-04-2008, 21:35
Make a note of everything that is special about the list.
Always check your rules if you are unsure of anything.
Dont rush.

For combat resolution we usually set down dice behind the unit to help track it. We do keep our models behind the unit that have been slain as well(well I try to get my opponent to). That way you can visibly see the number of kills caused/suffered and then you can use dice to count standards and ranks and other items.

Too many times I've had people simply remove the slain models and then have no idea of how many wounds they've just taken.
Similarly, for VC for the purposes of raising to the limit...one guy had forgotten what number he had started at and said,
"oh there were 15 or 18 grave guard originally"
There's a major difference between 15 and 18 men....
He realised it was 15 when he put back his models and ran out of models to put back at 15(and after checking his list of course). I was merely spectating but I made a fuss over it.

I rarely forget rules but I always keep the rulebook and my armybook nearby.