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21-04-2008, 08:43
Well, its basically this:
I have never met anyone who collects them or heard anything new about them for a long time and I would like the people who either collect them or play them to comment about them fluff wise and gaming wise.

21-04-2008, 09:19
I played them for a period of time and were quite fond of them during the Storm of Chaos campaign. They really have a "beast" feel to them. Full of half man half cows and bulls. Shaggoths rock, as do Gors and Ungors.

They couldn't be easier to paint as well. Mostly browns and other dark colors. A lot of choice with the army too. Loads of hard hitting troops like dragon Ogres or Chaos Trolls.

Hope that helps man. I'd recommend them if your into farm animal armies like I was.

21-04-2008, 12:39
I play beastmen. They are most vulnerable to shooty armies, so when the woodelves came out, I basically had to put them away. However, I did take them out and look at them yesterday. A few more chariots and more units in reserve for ambush may be what I need. I think the models look great and the background and concept of the army is pretty cool IMO

21-04-2008, 13:15
I play them. See my sig for pics.

21-04-2008, 14:28
I play beastmen and have tons of success on the battlefield with them, even against the new high elf and vampire books. They are fun and stylish to play and the miniatures are solid.

The fact that part of their power comes from the dated Hordes of Chaos book diminishes their ability somewhat, but it's not terrible.

21-04-2008, 15:41
I use them alot in combination with my mortal chaos. Beast herds are awesome screens for my warriors vs missile fire and such. Beastigors can be quite powerful, only 12pts each, give them MoK and they have 2 S6 attacks each, and a 10" charge. ;)

Warhounds are cheap and good, too bad they arn't fast cav tho, who uses ranked units of warhounds anyway?

Chaos Ogres, Minotaurs, and Trolls cane be very effective and are fun to field imo.

The characters aren't much to cheer for IMO, they are just average, nothing special really that makes them fun or appealing. Except for their ambush thing ofc, which is rather good/cool, but still it's the troops doing it, not really the characters.

What beastmen lack is some cavalry (both fast and heavy) and fliers. The Raider rule needs an update as its effectiveness got outdated by the 7th Ed rulebook.

21-04-2008, 18:15
I just got done using them in the 'ard boyz tourney, I massacred brettonians, and then got massacred by lizardmen and vampire counts. they are a fast, fun army to play, with tons of unique units. I like playing them because no one else does, and the new rules changes don't hurt me, I've always fielded a beast only army, even down to the magic items.

I use the brayhorn, my general has never been a doombull. there just something special about half your army showing up behind your opponent, or using kazrak and having three forths of your army do that.

basically, they're my second favorite army to play, right behind my clan mors skaven army.

21-04-2008, 18:21
What beastmen lack is some cavalry (both fast and heavy) and fliers. The Raider rule needs an update as its effectiveness got outdated by the 7th Ed rulebook.

I play a (primarily) beastmen Nurgle army, and I find they can be made to have a good balance between mobility and CC punch - admittedly, I add furies and Knights from the Hordes book - not sure if they'll work as well when the new books come out...

I agree that the characters aren't that great, although bray shamans have to be one of the best hero level wizard choices, given that they have 2 attacks a pop and can be given braystaffs (useable as great weapon, or +2 AS) But for a general your choices are doombull, beastlord, or shaggoth champ - and the latter two remove your ability to ambush. I generally go doombull, as core units of minotaurs frees up a lot of special choices for trolls, daemons etc. although I'm toying with a shaggoth build for when I can't take hordes units anymore...

21-04-2008, 19:05
One of my mates plays Beastmen and I've always enjoyed gaming against them. The Unruly rule is a bit of a drawback as is the total lack of decent missile weapons. On the up sides though the army is fast and is hard to damage with ranged weapons due to the fact that the beast herds skirmish. On top of this the Beastman player can elect to set up units in ambush.

The way the army plays is basicaly to rush forward using their superior mobility and try to get into close combat while hopefully having some units show up behind the enemy lines (using the ambush rule) and surround the enemy army. Support is vital IMHO as the basic beast heard is pretty vunerable in close combat and will need help in overcomming decent infantry units.


21-04-2008, 22:11
I own a small Beastmen warband, played them for a short period in 5th edition and for two Warbands games in 7th. They are fun, the theme is great but all the skirmishers put me off a bit to be honest. Beastmen herds are very cool, fun and special core troops though.

21-04-2008, 22:56
Beastmen are very awesome. They were my first love in Warhammer. It's poor times for the unwashed hordes, however. With 7th ed., skirmishers can be march blocked, which really removes a lot of the mobility the army relies on (or used to rely on, in any case). They had a rule that ment they'd always rank up wide enough to get rank bonuses, but when this width was increased from 4 to 5, the rule didn't adapt. As a consequence, they're stupidly vulnerable to chariots, monsters, and even lone characters now. Finally, a lot of armies were released that the poor Beastmen really doesn't have a lot to throw against. Wood Elves shoot them to death, and because of a lack armour, most of their troops face certain death trying to get to grips with the trice-cursed High Elves. And of course there's the Vampire Counts, which are tricky to say the least when your general has a leadership of a whooping 8.

Then there's the low interest in the army, leading to a low priority at Games Workshop head quarters. This in turn means the miniatures aren't given the amount of tender love and care they deserve, and we're stuck with your granpa's minotaurs, and possibly the greatest miniature atrocity of recent times, the Chaos Ogres.

But we endure, and dream of the day the Ultimate Beast of Chaos book hits the shelves, supported by a wide range of glorious plastic minotaurs and lovingly crafted bestigors. Then we can dust off our ridicilously large skirmisher units and claim lordship over vast expanses of imaginary forests, confident in our claim that the hardships we've endured for so many years justify our moment in the sun.

Von Bismarck
21-04-2008, 23:06
i love my BoC i resently sold off my fully painted WE army becuase i just couldnt play them anymore becuase BoC are so damn fun.

i play a slannesh magic list pure beasts in prep for the split with mortals so i have like 4 power stones (beasts arcane items suck something aweful =P) if u have a bit of a soft spot for older minis then minos arnt to bad (i like them =D) although DO and chaos ogres are a horrible attrocity that should haunt GWs dreams for many years to come!

also the guy who said the shaggoth is good....its really not, way over costed and just not good at all, DOs are way better, hell id take 6 minos insted of a shaggoth...wait i do!= D

multi spawn are good to.

all in all, a challenging army with tons of character, no really stupidly abusive combos and u get repect for playing them.

check out http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/ for an awesome boc site

21-04-2008, 23:21
I rather like my beasts. I have quite a horde with a number of options. Currently I'm pondering picking up a Doombull and a second Giant and doing a 'big monster' list (doom bull, 3 units of 3 minotaurs with great weapons, 3 chaos trolls and two giants, filled out by warhounds, 2 beast herds, a chariot and a pair of bray shamen)

I tried a my more traditional horde list against the high elves when that book came out and did fairly well. Too many targets for the HE infantry blocks to handle effectively, particularly when they're coming at unexpected angles. The psychological edge of the big stuff really helps as well.

Seth the Dark
22-04-2008, 00:10
I'm also starting to collect Beastmen since the fluff and overall feel of the army is pretty wicked.

22-04-2008, 01:14
...Beastigors can be quite powerful, only 12pts each, give them MoK and they have 2 S6 attacks each, and a 10" charge. ;)...Ooooh yes! My last game my Khorngors were awesome. First they frenzy-charged a unit of skinks that stood and shot. My 6 survivors massacred them, and overran into the flank of some Kroxigors. These lost combat too and ran into some impassable terrain and was destroyed. After turning around I charged a unit of saurus warriors and killed a whopping 9 of those, destroying that unit as well. After that I was flank charged by a character on cold one, but I survived that and killed him off. My 195 point unit killed something like 650 points of enemies. :D