View Full Version : Can someone explain how Skirmish rules work?

21-04-2008, 22:46
Games Workshop has all the rules on their site, including 64 scenarios! I've read through the rules a few times, and I like it. There's something different about smaller based conflicts, compared to giant armies. Now then, the only things I have trouble with are these things: (and I'll let unit refer to individual figures, just to avoid confusion. That's how they refer to them in the Skirmish rules anyway.)

When you engage enemies in close combat, do your troops rank up like normally? Also, can you determine the placement of your units too? For example, if you have one unit, and they're base to base with an enemy. Now, you charge that enemy with another of your units. Would you place your new unit in base contact to the enemy (or possibly corner to corner).

Or, can you place units behind ones that are engaged in combat, to allow spearmen or pikemen to fight in ranks for example. If that's the case, can spearmen rank up behind swordsmen to back them up?

How do you panic units? It says that rules 3 and 4 don't apply (which are friendly units breaking combat, and fleeing units moving through other friendlies). The only other ones are units destroyed within 6" and having 25% casualties. Now then, here are my questions for those:

How do you tell what is 25% of a unit? In Skirmish you have rout tests as soon as you lose 25% of your entire force. But what about regular panic tests? Normally, only units that are unit strength 5 or more count when determining panic. Since all figure count as individual units, does that mean that nobody can cause panic?

How about having a unit destroyed within 6"? Now then, you can definitely have 5 or more friendly units in close combat, so I guess whenever 5 or more units that are in base contact are destroyed then you must roll.

I dunno, the rules are a little vague in parts. Still, can anyone clear any of these up for me? Or is there an official rulebook that has these clarifications? If it is the same as what is mentioned online, it wouldn't matter then.

22-04-2008, 05:55
Its been a time since I read those rules, so I won't start explaining stuff... But maybe its wise to check the 6th edition rulebook, since IIRC the skirmish rules date back from that time. Maybe that clears some issues, like which panic rules to use. They might have changed the numbers...

22-04-2008, 06:57
They weren't terribly thought through, and are from last edition. Consider Mordheim for a much better skirmish system (or WAB Legends of the Old West, or WAB Legends of the High Seas). Also consider playing Warbands for smaller points WHFB games. I really enjoyed warbands.