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21-04-2008, 22:54
based on what has already been seen, do you think broods with "without number, and "scuttlers" will be able to flank/infiltrate every time they recycle?

21-04-2008, 23:05
Well if the RAW said something like all unit with Scout move on from the board edges determined by a D6 then yes they probably would, however that is at least a 10pt Gaunt which in a victory point game would be madness!

I can't believe WN hasn't been Errated or FAQ or featured in a WD or something! It is such a worthless rule atm.

21-04-2008, 23:49
good question decoy

Im gonna head home and check the wording on flank march. I'll edit this with an answer.

without number got a massive boost in 5th edition. grabbing your own depoyment zone objective with a unit that you used to screen genestealers all the way across the table is great. It isn't hard to get those gaunts killed off. Chances are they'll be shot at rather than shot through, and if they are still alive just fling them into assault with... anything.

If future gaunts can flank march, then it becomes an even better upgrade.

edit: just looked at the PDF. Unfortunately, in order to use the flank march rule the unit with scouts would have to be held in reserve. It looks like if it started on the table its coming back from a long edge. But if for some reason you decided to hold it in reserve and flank march with it, it would continually flank march in perpetuity.

22-04-2008, 10:10
Mulciber got it right, I think that a screening without number unit will have a place in every nid army. But thatīs it. Using large broods of WN gaunts can carry some problems, such as leaving only 2 or 3 gaunts alive, you never get to use those points in that situation.
Flank march wit scuttlers is quite risky for gaunts though, too many probabilities of having the squad enter the table from the side you had no synapse.
Both abilities combined could work, but only in small gaunt squads, so you can minimize the costs of losing a unit on the wrong edge due to lack of synapse and you are sure that the squad is small enough to get WN to work.
Problems: 1. You will be giving Victory/Kill points to the enemy as crazy. 2. You need some of those FOC slots for some genestealers.

22-04-2008, 15:46
WN scuttle gaunts arriving on the wrong board edge is not a terrible problem. Remember they will flee toward the closest synapse creature. They will still be closer to the enemy quickler then if they arrived on your own edge and have to cross the board.

WN gaunts will be near impossible to force off an objective deep in your own zone. Especially if a tyrant w/ some guards is nearby in cover to provide synaspe.