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22-04-2008, 01:43
So I have been running the same list for the past little while, and decided it was time to change things up a bit. This is by no means a tournament army, just something for casual play at the local Games Workshop. My old list was a Teclis army, and some people thought he was too cheesy, so here goes the new list:

Noble - Dragon Armour, Halberd, Shield, Barded Elven Steed, Ring of Fury - 153
Mage - Level 2 Upgrade, Dispell Scroll, Ring of Corin - 175
Dragon Mage - Level 2 Upgrade - Staff of Solidity, Silver Wand, Dispell Scroll - 435

16 Spearmen - Standard Bearer - 154
18 Spearmen - Standard Bearer - 172
10 Archers - 110

15 Sword Masters of Hoeth - Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Sorcery - 293
6 Sword Masters of Hoeth - 90
5 Shadow Warriors - 80
5 Ellyrian Reavers - 85

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200
Great Eagle - 50

Total - 1997
PD - 7-9 (plus up to 3 from the Dragon Mage) + 2 Bound Spells (one of which is one use only)
DD - 4 + 2 Dispell Scrolls
Models - 79 + 2 War Machines

So that is the list. I really want to try out the Dragon Mage (as I have yet to), and I have received mixed messages.
With this list, I think my *presence* will be felt in all phases of the game. Pretty decent magic with the Dragon Mage, Mage and Bound Spells and the Banner of Sorcery. Shooting with the two Repeater Bolt Throwers and the Archers should soften things up a bit for my two blocks of Spearmen and the block of Sword Masters to take care of. Movement is covered with the Reavers, Shadow Warriors and Eagle moving up one flank, headed for War Machines, and the small unit of Sword Masters can hopefully hold up the other flank.
The Dragon Mage will act as a sort of *mobile support*, staying out of the way of War Machines (hopefully hiding behind forests or something, maybe with the small unit of Sword Masters) until they have been succesfully neutralized. Then he can pop out and really lend his support to the rest of the army.

So what do you all think? Is this list sort of balanced? Will it fare at least semi-well in friendly play?

22-04-2008, 03:43
Nothing about this list catches peoples eye??? No comments???

22-04-2008, 14:37
quick correction: that equipment on the Dragon Mage needs to be swapped because he is illegal right now because he has 2 Arcane Items. He now has 2xDispell Scroll and the Silver wand

22-04-2008, 19:50
2 units of SMs? Cheese.

Seriously though, HE armies are so fragile and understaffed. Anything other than MSU with them tends to have wasted points which get routed and run over.

22-04-2008, 21:35
I don't like using RBTs. Try a game without them, see what you think. You might find that the time you use sitting and shooting the enemy could be better spent moving your troops to flank him.

23-04-2008, 20:03
Was thinking of that (dropping bolt throwers). Although they do help, they seem to rarely earn their points back. Possibly run 2 Great Eagles instead of 1 with 2 BTs? What do you think I should spend the remaining points (around 150)?

Destroyer of Eternities
23-04-2008, 20:26
just wondering what the 6 SM are for. R they to back up the larger unit. Also u have taken to arcane items

24-04-2008, 00:54
I posted the change. He now has 2 scrolls and the silver wand. The 6 SM are there to protect flanks, to get flank charges, protect my war machines, make things akward... they do a lot of things. Nobody really wants to charge into 12 WS6 S5 ASF attacks, so it usually helps, as long as they don't get shot to peices...