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22-04-2008, 15:08
G'day chaps,

In my eternal battle of deciding where to shove my money, I think that Tomb Kings has won out over Daemons as my new army. Now, eventually it'll probably get rather large, but I want to start out small.
Of course, small indicates decision making over what will fit in, and so I turn to your wisdom and ask which of the following you would prefer to fight:

Tomb King
3 Liche Priests
2x 24 Bowmen
20 Tomb Guard
2 Tomb Swarms
2x 3 Chariots
2x Catapults

Tomb King with wings
Tomb Prince in chariot
2 Liche Priests on steeds
2x 6 Horsemen
3x 4 Chariots
2x 5 Carrion
2x Tomb Scorpions

As you can see, one is ultra aggressive whereas the other is relentless and defensive. Both are 2000pt lists, but which would you prefer to fight against?

(no comments about how you would design a list please, I have sneaky schemes for both of them)


22-04-2008, 21:45
I would prefer to fight against the first as the second one is very fast and hits very hard.

23-04-2008, 02:43
Given a choice, I'd fight the first one especially given the absence of scorpions and carrion in that list.

The second list is pretty decent. I assume the King and Prince will have chariots of their own? On the other hand it doesn't have much shooting options so (not to state the obvious but...) the only way to deal with S7 is in close combat. Since this isn't your first army though I trust you'll know which enemy units to look out for. :p

Oh and congratulations on making the right choice! :angel: