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22-04-2008, 15:47
is there any refrence to ships in any of the books or any other thing pitures would be cool as i had an idear for a cool mission

Lord Dante
22-04-2008, 16:28
Battle Fleet Gothic is a good place to start for information, and there are also a number of pictures in the HH collected visions books of space ships etc... mainly Imperial based ships mind you.

22-04-2008, 17:01
Do you mean sea ships? I think GW did a scenario for a beach assault a few years ago, along with landing craft, but you'll be hard pressed to find them. There is also an apocalypse data sheet for an Ork submarine however.

22-04-2008, 17:09
Ehh BFG would be a good place to start

22-04-2008, 17:10
yur sea ships i got plenty of pics of space ships :chrome:
I want to do a bombing run on a fleet in Aeronautica Imperialis

22-04-2008, 17:23
i dont think there are any pics, apart from landing craft, i dont think sea ships would be much use in the 41st millenium

22-04-2008, 18:22
Sea ships make great sense - mobile anti-drop troops units, that sort of thing. The Orks used subs in the 3rd War for Armageddon. I recall some bit of nid fluff about a boat watching the spores dropping...

Lord Damocles
22-04-2008, 18:58
I've reacked my two brain cells and can only think of the following three instances of water-bourne vessels in 40K:

-Imperial supertankers converted into submersiple assault vessels by the Orks during Armaggedon III. There's an Apoc data sheet for one of these isn't there?
-A single small picture of an Imperial Guard patrol boat in an old WD (can't remember which one, but old). It looked like some Catachans who had been transported to Vietnam...
-There was a short story about the crew of an Imperial supertanker who are attacked by 'Nids (Genestealers I think) when their world gets attacked. Also from an old WD.

Basicly ships seem to look much the same as they do nowadays... only BIG (and if Imperial buildings are anything to go by, covered in minerets and gargoyles;))

Ooh, another one:
-In the first Soul Drinkers book. the marines convert abandoned ships by bolting Thunderhawk thrusters to them. As far as I can remember these ships weren't particularly remarkable either though...

22-04-2008, 19:38
search for the old Def Skwadron Ork comic strips, its about a gorup of Ork fighter pilots and their dangerous missions, one of which involves sinking a very large Ork Sea Battleship.... watch out for Squigsharks!

Deff Skwadron in: Sink da Grimlug! is the name of that strip, go search for it

22-04-2008, 23:05
There are some boats in Annihilation Squad of the Last Chancer's omnibus (and a train) and there are some boats at the battle of vervunhive in the 3rd book (IIRC) of the Gaunt's Ghosts series.


22-04-2008, 23:53
Might have been in one of the Cain books; they went on what seemed like some sort of giant off shore oil rig/mega fishing boat. So theres quite a high chance of there being oil rigs to get at underwater resources then some sort of transport, most likely super tankers, to get the resources back to shore.

Rather large aircraft carriers with complements of long range missiles/surface to space missiles would also be quite probable on planets with a large enough body of water.

The main problem with very large ships is that titians/an orbiting fleet can do similar jobs but once they are done there they can get packed away and sent to the next war zone. A ship large enough to be useful would just get stuck on guard duty.

However the idea of manufactured imperator size ships designed to be built of one world and transported to another via mega drop pods is quite cool.