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24-04-2008, 15:28
I'm currently assembling a Pre-Heresy Emperors Children army and i have finished Eidolon. I'm wondering if I should add some hair or not. I used the Master of the Fleet model, and did a little conversion work with the master of the watch's shield and attached that with magnets. I think it looks really cool



Here are the magnets one in his hand the other in the shield

And my Eidolon next to one of my marines aka Mr.Studs

Hope you enjoyed will post more later, C&C welcome!

24-04-2008, 20:55
I thought the Master of the Fleet was a good model for Eidolon as-is. AFAIK, Eidolon didnt use a shield, but it looks OK anyways.

No need for hair, I dont think, because AFAIK Eidolon kept his hair short (unless Im completely misremembering, but I'm sure I noted that because I thought it was quite unusual for Emps Kids, I assumed they'd all have long, blonde, luscious 'loriel worth-it' locks)

As for the Master of the Fleet - he's absolutely *perfect* for Eidolon. Its exactly how I imagined Eidolon. I bought the Masters of the Chapter to do some Sons of Horus captains, but the fleet master made me want to do a small contingent of allied Emps Kids to go with him (likewise, the Master of the Arsenal made me want to do a small Death Guard contingent too - I reckon he'd make a good garro, or whoever the guy with the powerfist was).

24-04-2008, 23:49
prehersy convertions rock. The legio custodes presented in the uk GW site is impresive. The shield modification is but unnotisable, and the mk armor looks good. Could you take a picture with better focus on the space marine please?