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24-04-2008, 18:26
Alright after much testing and thinking I've returned to the drawing board.

I'm not convinced I can do Magic a whole lotta good at 1000 points without specifically gearing my army for it. So I've settled on a balanced combat approach.

It's built on march-blocking, redirecting, and "combined arms".

Standard footslogging Noble. Keep him cheap and keep him killy.

Noble 118 points
- Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon

I've split up my core into two 10-elf units. If I feel the need to I can combine it to one unit 20 strong and use the points for the two Musicians for one Standard Bearer. The Noble can go inside here then.

10 Lothern Sea Guard 135 points
- Musician

10 Lothern Sea Guard 135 points
- Musician

Two cavalry, one Fast one Heavy, and two elite infantry. The cavalry is pretty mobile, with the option of removing the Banner for a 6th DP. As for the Reavers. I just like them. However I really should dig up the points for a Musician for those guys...

5 Dragon Princes - 185 points
- Banner of Ellyrion

7 White Lions - 111 points
- Musician

7 Sword Masters - 111 points
- Musician

5 Ellyrion Reavers - 105 points
- Spears and Bows

It's this or one RBT. I think I'll settle for two Eagles even though an RBT will fit in with the theme.

2 Great Eagles


The LSG will be deployed 10-wide, screening the WL and SM units behind each of them.

One Eagle per flank. Fast cavalry to the flank with more open terrain beside the infantry and the DPs to the woodier areas.

The Elite Infantry act as specialized detachments for the LSG who are there to hold a charge, reforming to 5x2 on the turn just before one. They'll act in concert.

If possible the cavalry will also go for a supporting flank charge or converge somewhere to smash a unit.

The Eagles will cause havoc.

It's not the strongest list out there but I feel it can play as a team.


25-04-2008, 03:16
Alternative to the double 10-elf LSG:

20 Spearelves
10 Archers

Dropping the Bows from the Ellyrian Reavers would free up enough points for a Musician and Standard Bearer, and another Musician for the Archers.

I'd have one reliable block of spears with a fighty character, and essentially three detachments - Archer screen to the flank, WLs to the other flank, and Sword Masters behind.

25-04-2008, 14:33
At that size the LSG aren't using their spears to their full potential so I'd swich them for the regular spears and a unit of archers like you suggested.

I'd also take the 2 eagles over the 1 RBT.

26-04-2008, 22:12
That's true. But I'm not trying to generate CR so much as mini-anvils, or at the very least mini-redirectors.

And they lose out on their flexibility if I go with Archer/Spear.

The alternative to that alternative is to utilize PG blocks. And I wouldn't feel comfortable without 14+ (with a character) and that'd get pricey since I would have to grab a core too.